Monday, May 30, 2011

Progress report

Since you're dying to know, I got twenty daylilies planted yesterday, but I have twenty-six to go!

Turns out the clumps of five were already separated, so I planted them as singles . Maybe in the next round I'll double up on a few, considering the shortage of space I have . It took three hours - as expected . Not as expected I only forgot something once - the mycorrhizae on the first plant . I also discovered that I apply total concentration to the job at hand . (Must be the new mega-vitamins).  No meandering thoughts on off-topic issues. I wonder why that is . Ah-ha, DH's plan to get me organized has worked!!

I started out on the cool side of the house, using the one-hole-at-a-time method with the bucket of daylilies strapped to the semi-rusty luggage cart, compost in the wheelbarrow and amendments in the handy carrier all close at hand . It went quite smoothly and one might even say leisurely . Then I moved to the blow-torch side of the house . Setting sun or not, Old Sol would not give up easily . So for the last six I used the assembly-line method . Had to get it over with quick . I was starting to burn and weaken, and the GatorAde had begun to cloy .

As I progressed and looked at the work done behind me, I was very pleased . My mind framed the shots that the camera should have taken, and I smiled . I'll take them tomorrow . So the back gardens are almost full but not packed like the front . A few more spaces left to fill with daylilies . Then up the sideyard and into the front . I'll have to really think that through, since these are permanent plantings that will fill the spots that annuals have taken . That's a good thing . Annuals leave voids in the winter, and the more that's green during the long winter the better I like it.


  1. I am glad you are nearing the end. Your garden will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see those shots you framed in your mind.

  2. Yeah I can comment here today, I tried the other day on your previous post but no comment box would show up.
    I was going to tell you I could relate to your feeling of just wanting to get the job done and not enjoying the journey. I can be that way too in a lot of things. Planting seeds is one way I'm that way, just want them planted so they can hurry up and grow! :)
    It's going to be beautiful when all the daylilies start blooming. I hope you get some blooms on them this year.

  3. Hi Sherry...I haven't been able to comment on your blog with the problems Blogger has been experiencing, but thanks to another Blogger tip that worked I'm able to. Sounds like you've been a very busy girl. All those daylilies are going to look stunning next spring...can't wait to see them. It looks like you deserve a much needed rest. :-)

  4. I've also been trying to comment, but Susan let me on to the little trick. Yay Susan!

    I don't know if everyone can appreciate how difficult it is to grow roses in FL, but as fellow Ocalian, in know it is no easy task. Add to the fact that you've done a beautiful job AND you're chemical free . . . makes you practically a god in my eyes!! :D

    I've started growing daylilies and am a big fan of them. In a recent post you listed the ammendments you add when planting them. Do you find those locally or do you order them online. I'd never heard of them before!

  5. I hope you’re not really wicked, WG, and I thank you for saying such nice things about me and my garden. How intriguing that you live in Ocala, too. Growing roses in Florida is not that hard once you take the Florida soil out of the garden, pick roses that appreciate the Florida climate and make sure they have consistent moisture to deal with the Florida heat, especially when they’re young. That being said, I do appreciate your tip of the hat.

    I get the alfalfa pellets from the Seminole Feed Store because it’s greener that a bag I got from another feed store and the Milorganite is available at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot and probably any hardware store or nursery and the same for the bagged cow manure compost. I don’t order anything online that’s heavy. Shipping is huge, although once I ordered 25 pounds of epsom salts with free shipping. They were running a special at the time I googled for it. Normally, I think Walgreen’s has the lowest price on epsom salts, especially when it’s on sale.

    Thanks for being persistent, WG, and getting your comment through. It really made my day.
    Take care.

  6. I wonder where these commenting problems are coming from – the Chinese again? Busyness in the garden is a pretty regular thing. I still don’t have the rest planted. Work has been crazy, but I did get a little more sleep last night. Thanks, Susan.

    Masha, haven't taken the photos yet. It's either too bright out or too dark when I think of it.

    Catherine, we're kindred spirits, I guess. Thanks for being like me. Get 'er done, right?