Friday, November 18, 2011

Updated daylilies with photos

In trying to get my list of daylilies complete and their colors, heights, season, etc. straight so I can be organized and plant them in the best places for making the garden beautiful I finally got all of them and their attributes together in one document. So I’m replacing my old list with this one. It is today's blog post and will become the The Daylilies in my Garden tab at the top of the blog. Just one problem. The columns of Y's and N's may not make any sense to you, so here’s what they mean.

HYB - Hybridizer
YR - Year introduced
HAB - Habit (Evergreen, Semi-evergreen or Dormant)
RE - Rebloom (Yes or No)
SEAS - Season
      EE = Extra early
      E = Early
      EM = Early to mid
      M = Mid
      ML = Mid to late
      LA = Late
      VL = Very Late
FRA - Fragrant (Yes or No)
EXT - Extended bloom as long as 16 hours sometimes (Yes or No)
B/BR - Bud Count and Branching
PL - Ploidy (Tetraploid or Diploid)
HT -   Scape height
SIZE - Flower size

Planted in Spring 2008   
                                         HYB      YR   HAB   RE  SEAS  FRA  EXT  DBL  B/BR  PL   HT   SIZE

Byzantine Emperor  MunsonRW  77    SEV    Y       EM      N       N       N               T     30”     6”
Mauve w/purple eye zone & yellow throat 
                  Byzantine Emperor.MUNSON.RW                 


Planted in Winter 2009-2010
                                       HYB       YR   HAB   RE   SEAS  FRA  EXT  DBL  B/BR  PL   HT  SIZE

Abalone Angel         KirchoffD   99     EV      Y        ML     Y        Y       N      18/3   T     30”     6”
Pastel peach pink self & gold edge

All American Magic  Salter         94    SEV     Y       ML     N       N       N               T    28”   5.5” Lavender pink w/gold edge 

Becky Lynn              Guidry         77    SEV     Y       EE     Very    N       N                D    20”  6.75”
Rose blend, white stripe along midrib w/green throat

Blueberry Frost        Stamile       97     EV      Y       M        Y       N        N                 T    28”     5”
Blue purple blend w/green throat

Chaleur                 MunsonRW    89      EV      Y        M       Y       N        N                T    24”    6”
Orchid lilac self w/cream throat 

Eternal Memories     JoinerJ       01      EV      Y      ML       Y        N       Y     30/4    D   28”    6”
Almond cream self above green throat, nocturnal

Evelyn Lela Stout  MunsonRW   87      EV      Y      EM       N      Y       N                  T   24”   6”
Pastel pink self, chartreuse throat

Fair Rose                  Guidrey     84      SEV      Y       E         Y       Y       N                  D    26”   6”
Cream & rose pink bitone w/green cream throat

Fred Ham            MunsonRW     82       EV       Y     M        Y        N       N                 T   24”    7”
Light yellow self

Frilly Bliss                  JoinerJ      98       EV      N     ML      N        N       N      36/6    D   36”    6”
Powder pink w/rose halo & green throat, unusual form

Indy Snowfall        AndersonD     95     SEV     N      LA      N       N       N                 D   28”    6”
Near white self w/very pea green throat

Joan Senior                   Durio      77      EV      Y     EM      N       Y       N                  D    25”    6”
Near white self w/lime green throat

Kent's Favorite Two   KirchoffD  88     EV      Y      E       N       Y       N                   T    26”    5”
Bright red self w/bright yellow green throat

Key To My Heart           Carr        99     EV      Y      E       N       N       N       22/4      T    25”   5”
Crimson, pale pink edge, white picotee, yellow green throat

Leda's Lover                  Elliott     93    SEV     Y     LA    Very     N       N                    D     24”   7”
Near white to pink blend, lilac highlights, deep green throat

Modern Marvel             JoinerJ    00    SEV     Y     ML      N       N       Y       12/2      D   24”   7”
Rapture rose self w/light green throat, nocturnal

Pearl Harbor                  Carr       97       EV     Y      M      N       Y       N                    T   27”   6”
Cream & yellow blend w/gold edge & green throat

Royal Heiress       MunsonRW     82       EV     Y     EM     N      N       N                     T   24”   6”
Burgundy, chalky cream burgundy eyezone w/cream green throat

Secret Splendor            Salter      91       EV     Y     ML    N       N       N                      T   25”   6”
Light lavender rose, yellow green throat

Sherry Lane Carr           Carr      93      EV     Y     EM     Y       Y       N        45/5      T    23”   7”
Cream butter yellow self, gold edge, green throat

Splendid Touch            Stamile    94     EV     Y     EM     Y       Y       N                      T    26”   6”
Pink w/rose eyezone & green throat

Unchartered Waters  Moldovan  96     EV     Y      M      N       Y       N                      T   27”   7”
Orchid red/violet blend, deeper violet purple halo, yellow green throat

Planted in Late Spring 2011
                                             HYB   YR   HAB   RE  SEAS  FRA  EXT  DBL  B/BR  PL  HT  SIZE

Double Cranberry Ruffles Talbott 91   SEV    N      ML      Y       N       Y                   D    21”   5”
Cranberry red w/green throat

Ed Kirchoff                 KitchoffD     81   SEV    Y       E        Y       Y       N                   T    23”   5”
Saffron yellow self w/green throat

Elizabeth Ferguson  MunsonRW   87     EV     Y     EM      Y       N       N                    T    30”   7”
Honey cream pink self, lemon green throat

Evening Elegance      Roderick      89    SEV     N     ML     N       Y       N                    D    28”   6”
Muted peach pink blend, green throat, nocturnal

Follow Your Dreams     Stamile     94     EV      Y      LA     Y       Y       N                    T    25”   6”
Pink self w/green throat

Grace’s Gift              Netherton      04     EV      Y      EM     Y      N       Y      20/3       D    30”   6”
Apricot yellow blend, lighter midribs, apricot throat

Indy Indy               AndersonD      98     SEV     N     ML     N       N       N                   D    26”   5”
Clear rose red bitone w/green throat

Jean Swann                  Joiner       93      SEV     Y     ML     Y       N       Y                    D    32”   6”
Yellow self w/green throat

Missouri Memories    Hansen     92       EV       Y      LA     N       N       N                     D    26”   6”
Pale orchid pink, lavender violet band, green throat

Over The Edge             Salter       92     SEV      N     ML     N       N       N                     T    20”   6”
Lavender blend w/yellow green throat

Secret Wish                 JoinerJ       96       EV       Y     ML     N      N       Y                     D    26”   6”
Peach melba, rose halo, green throat

Seductor                        Gates         83      EV      Y      EE      Y       Y       N                    T    18”   6”
Apple red self, green throat

Planted in Late Fall 2011
                                          HYB     YR   HAB   RE   SEAS  FRA EXT DBL  B/BR  PL   HT SIZE

Absolute Treasure       Stamile      97      Ev      Y      EM      N       N      N                   T     32”   7”
Lilac orchid w/green throat

Alien's Eye                       Carr      99      Ev      Y       E        N       N       N                    T    26”   5”
Ivory peach w/violet eye & edge

American Original       Stamile    94     SEV     Y       E       N       N       N                    T    24”  5.5”
Pink w/gold edge

Bold Encounter           Stamile      98       EV      Y       E       N       N       N      32/5      T    26”   5”
Cream w/plum eye & edge
 Bold Encounter.STAMILE.Tinker's

Caribbean Perfection Plus Talbott 95     EV      Y     EM      Y       Y       N                   D    19”   7”
Canary yellow self w/canary yellow throat

Chinese Scholar              Salter       90     SEV     Y     ML      N       N       Y                  T    22”   5”
Red self

Colorado Blues             Salter        00     SEV     Y       M       N       N       N      40/4      D   22” 3.5”
Ivory cream w/blue violet eye

Crystal Sea                    Bell,T       98       EV      Y      E      Y       N       N                     T  27” 6.75”
Large clear lavender pink w/darker veins

Czarina's Treasure       Salter      00       SEV     Y     ML     N       N       N       38/4      T    28”   6”
Lavender w/dark lavender eye, yellow edge & throat
Czarina's Treasue.SALTER

Denali                         Stamile      97       EV      Y      ML    Very    N       Y                     T    23”   8”
Pink blend w/green throat

Faces Of A Clown        Salter      98      SEV     Y      EM      N       N       N       35/4      T    26”   4”
Yellow w/etched red eye & green throat

Hero Worship               Carr       00       EV      Y       M        Y       N        N        30/4     T   26”   5”
Burgundy red, pale burgundy halo, yellow/gold edge, yellow/gold throat

How Sweet It Is            Carr       03        EV      Y      EM      Y       N       N         24/3     T   29”   5”
Lavender w/silver & yellow edge, green throat

Inherited Wealth          Carr       98       EV       N       E        N       N       N        25/4      T   28”   5”
Pink blend w/gold edge & olive green throat

Lord Of Riches             Carr      01       EV       Y      EM      Y       N       N        30/5      T   29”   6”
Clear red, pale red watermark, yellow green throat

Madonna Arsenault     Peat      03       SEV      Y     ML       N       N       N        30/4      T   24”   8”
Lavender rose, orange watermark & edge, green throat

Marietta Dreamer    Shooter     93        EV       Y       M       N       N       N                     D   23”   5”
Light wine purple, large deep purple eyezone, light green throat

Meadow Sweet          Stamile      98       EV       Y      EM      Y       Y       N       28/4       T   26”   6”
Pink self w/green throat

Paint The Town Red     Carr      99       EV      Y         M       N       N       N       30/4      T   29”   5”
Cardinal red self, yellow green throat

Passion District            Carr       97       EV      Y        M       N       Y       N                      T   28”   6”
Red w/lighter red watermark

Puccini                       Stamile      99       EV      Y       M       Y       N     Dbl 95    48/6     T   30”   7”
Cream yellow blend, green throat

Return To Paradise      Carr       99      EV       Y      EM      N       N       N         30/3      T   24”   5”
Mauve pink bitone, lighter watermark, gold edge

Sewing Circle              Kaskel      99      EV      Y      EM      N       N       N         30/3      T   24”   5”
Cream pink, rose red eye, yellow green throat

Southwestern Treasure  Salter   98      SEV     Y      EM      N       N       N       35/5        T   26”   6”
Orange self, green throat

Starfish Moon              Morss      99       EV       Y     EM      N       Y       N       30/4        T   30”   7”
Cream, orchid band, gold edge, yellow to green throat

Stars Over Alabama   Hansen     98      SEV      Y     ML      N       Y       N       31/5       D   44”   6”
Dark purple self, chartreuse throat

Sterling Tribute            Carr        99       EV       Y       M       N       N       N       35/4      T   30”   5”
Lavender pink self, knobby gold edge, yellow green throat

Tremor                        Stamile      99       EV       Y       E       N       N       N       25/4      T   27”   5”
Pink, multiple band of color & rose lavender eye, green throat

Wait Until Dark            Carr        99       EV       Y       M       N       N       N      22/4      T   28”   6”
Deep purple self, partial small white picotee, yellow green throat
Wait Until Dark.CARR 

Yazoo Jim Terry  Smith-Barfield   92    SEV     Y      EM      N       Y       Y                   D   20”   6”
Rose pink self, lemon to lime throat


  1. Wow, that is an impressive collection! Adored 'Wait Until Dark' and 'Colorado Blues', but they are all beautiful in their own right. My little Daylily collection is minute in comparison ... oh if only I had more room!

  2. Breathless !!! AMAZING DAYLILIES !!!

  3. You have some real lovelies in your collection.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Wow Sherry you have so many beautiful ones. Love lilies. I adore your Modern Wonder and Wait Until Dark. Gorgeous!

  5. Oh, Sherry, how smart of you to have all this information at your fingertips! And I see you have pages for roses and companion plants, too!!! Genius!

  6. These are beautiful! You inspired me to order a few which had a few initial blooms and then nothing for the rest of this year. I'm hoping that spring will bring some flowers as wonderful as yours. (I can't imagine where you've put all of these!)


  7. Have you been having any problems with daylilly rust???I have been growing them for a couple of years and have been having a serious problem with plants came from Alabama...beautiful flowers,,,lousy rust..been treating them constantly and I have to stop because of heath reasons...mike burch

  8. Oh,by the way nematodes do not like rich organic 'soil'..also adding sugar to the soil can deter nematodes(2 teaspoons to a gallon of water soak soil around plant)..i also use epsom salt to green up ..i have been fighting nematodes for about 2 years now,as my garden is lousy sand...nematode heaven...been adding composted live oak leaves,as well as spaghum peat moss..using live oak leaves as a mulch as well...I used to be a grower for kingswood nurseries years ago,,,now I am retired for health i putter in my back yard,,,burpee seed co. did a little story on me have a great blog keep up the good work