Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh, goodie! Daylilies

Both of my daylily orders arrived today. They all look wonderful with large roots, and I’m very pleased.

Here's the order from Shaw’s Sunshine Gardens after sitting in water for a few hours. Really big plants!  They went back into the water after their photo session.
IMG_8221 (2) (640x301)

This is what those plants will look like one day next spring. The Bob Carr daylilies are 'Alien’s Eye', 'Passion District' and 'Sterling Tribute'. The next photos are from the website of Shaw’s Sunshine Gardens.
Evergreen, Early Mid, Rebloom, Fragrant          Evergreen, Early, RebloomCZARINAS_TREASURE_fDENALI_f
Semi-Evergreen, Mid-Late, Rebloom                Evergreen, Mid-Late, Rebloom, Fragrant
Semi-Evergreen, Early-Mid, Rebloom              Evergreen, Early-Mid, Rebloom, Fragrant
Semi-Evergreen, Early-Mid, Rebloom              Evergreen, Early, Rebloom
Semi-Evergreen, Early-Mid, Rebloom              Evergreen, Mid, Rebloom

The second order has also been in water for a couple of hours. Good-sized plants as well. Ida Flynn is the precious lady who owns Bama Daylilies in Sulligent, Alabama. When I found her website about a month or two ago, she was having her final sale because she was closing her nursery after more than 20 years due to health issues. She is now selling only to folks who can come to the garden and dig their plants. So if you're near Sulligent, check out her website and contact her by email. The garden is also for sale.
IMG_8225 (640x522)
 More glamor shots.  ‘Wait Until Dark’ is a Bob Carr daylily.

wait until dark (Small)yazoo jim terry.-- (Small)WTMK
Evergreen, Mid, Rebloom                                  Semi-Evergreen, Early-Mid, RebloomChineseScholar
Semi-Evergreen, Mid-Late, Rebloom

I'll be a busy gardener as soon as the weather breaks and the days are not so hot and humid.


  1. Oooh my goodness, Sherry, these day lilies are gorgeous! Great picks! You truly have something to look forward to next year. Can't wait to see photos of them blooming in your garden. I have a slight feeling that day lilies can become as addictive as roses...

  2. You're going to have a fantastic collection. I just adore 'Chinese Scholar' and Moonstruck Madness. I've only become a fan of Daylilies just recently in the last two years and if I had more room I'd be ordering new ones every year! Sadly I just have to be happy with the ones I've got.

  3. You have some beautiful new Daylilies. I like Moonstruck Madness and Chinese Scholar best. Have fun digging.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. These are absolutely beautiful and just wait until they are all in bloom next year. Enjoy the planting and waiting.


  5. Those look like some wonderful daylily starts! Chinese Scholar is gorgeous! Your garden is going to look so beautiful with all these blooming in it! (Well, it already is, but you know what I mean.) Isn't fall planting the greatest? Then you get to look forward to spring all winter!

  6. I can't believe how beautiful these are, Sherry. With that many, your garden will have a whole new look when they're all blooming. Can't wait to see pictures!

  7. I can't wait to see the pictures next spring, good luck