Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some pretties

'Quietness', a Buck rose. I have previously ragged on this rose, but I was stupid. I moved her in the winter to the west side of the house which is pergatory for roses, expecting her to croak, but she fooled me. She loves it and is growing and blooming. And I'm a happy gardener.

'Quietness' - Not only a beautiful face but an exquisite fragrance as well.

A fading flower

Easily a 4-inch bloom

And more coming.

Dianthus chinensis - the brightest, most cheerful flower in the garden

'Maman Cochet' on her way back from the thrips invasion

Same flower the next day

'Sherry Lane Carr' daylily and larkspur

'Capitaine Dyel de Graville', a sport of the Bourbon, 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'. I call him Lady Killer.

'All American Magic' daylily

'Pinkie, Climbing'

'Mary Guthrie'

Again - she just thrills me.

'Marchessa Boccella', one of a few Hybrid Perpetuals that grows well in Florida.

She's fragrant, too.

And seems to enjoy living in a purple pot.

She's a very sweet rose and bush.

'Madame Abel Chatenay', my baby. I would have a whole garden of her if I could.

A close-up of her. The tinge of brown is thrips damage. She fared well against them and never even balled.
Covered with buds

Salvia farinacea aka 'Victoria Blue', a completely wonderful perennial companion plant for Florida

'Lilian Austin' and an immature Purple Coneflower bloom - I like Lilian a lot.

The peahen has paid our neighborhood several evening visits since Saturday. This time when I heard her I followed her voice and caught sight of her just as she flew from the neighbor's front porch roof up to the turret roof. Very regal, don't you think?


  1. This is great pictures again that makes me regret that I just have one climbing rose but each time I see roses on wonderful blogs like yours, I fall a little bit each time.

    I won't be surprised if pretty soon, another variety appears in my garden, thinking of all the wonders you've shown here. 8)

  2. Beautiful photos and blooms. Can't believe your Daylilies are blooming. What a difference areas make.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. She's back and boy oh boy have we missed you! These pics are stunning. Guess I need to make a visit soon so I can see them all for myself. Nothing like walking through your rose garden!!!! Thanks for allowing us to see your roses through your eyes.....

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. Very nice Sherry. I found your pictures of Quietness to be very attractive. I planted my first Buck roses this spring and if they do well I might but Quietness on my list to be on the look out for.

  5. I love that you have spotted the peahen again! How fabulous! Now, the roses: Quietness is beautiful! Wow! I feel really bad now because I got rid of a Buck rose (Frontier Twirl) and after reading this I wonder if it was getting enough sun. Lady Killer is gorgeous, and MAC is amazing - beautiful bush shot! I also have that salvia and it is a winner.

  6. Super Pictures! You and I have roses and daylilies in common. I love seeing what you have in bloom. In Houston several neighborhoods have Penfowls running wild. My sister-in-law lives in one of those neighborhoods, so I’ve seen them up close. So fun to see you have them there in Florida as well!

  7. My first visit here. What a wonderful garden! I really like the 'pinkie, climbing'. Thanks for taking the time to post these pics.

  8. Your roses look great! This spring I've added Abraham Darby, Graham Thomas, and Happy Chappy. I hope mine are as happy as yours. :o)

  9. Love that larkspur and daylily combo! Your roses have so many different shapes, petal counts and shades of color. Makes for an interesting garden

  10. Beautiful roses and photo's. Love your color combinations. Thanks for sharing your lovely roses with us...

  11. I love all your roses, especially that 'Lilian Austin' , just gorgeous. Can not believe you have peahen in your neighbourhood, quite a scene to see her on the roof!

  12. I have bitten the bullet, never thought I would be able to grow roses. But currently I have three or four tea roses blooming merrily (especially since you told me about thripes in one of the newsletters), an awesome neon-colored climbing rose, the usual knockout roses and a beautiful Dick Clark.