Friday, November 9, 2012

Who me?

I love it when readers post comments. It is almost my biggest thrill to hear my email ding. It means someone has written about how she or he feels about my blog. This evening there came that familiar chime, and it was Susan’s sweet words. Then she blindsided me. Whammo! She went and nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I really think some little warning should accompany such an announcement. Something like, “Psst. Are you sitting down?” Well, it’s alright now. I’ve recovered from the shock. And now I get to do the shocking.


But first, according to the rules, I have to answer some semi-invasive questions. As much as I divulge about my life in this blog, you wouldn’t think a few questions would bother me, but they sorta do, because I didn’t have any very good answers. I mean who thinks up these questions? Whoever it was they should also think up some good answers. Oh, well, here goes. Oh, but wait. It occurs to me (better late than never, I always say) that I should express some gratitude to Susan (of Simply Susan fame) for thinking of me (and seven other bloggers). All kidding aside, I want to thank her. I know she’s sincere. She’s such a sweetheart and a faithful commenter for which she should get an award!! Where do I go to make that nomination??

1. What would you do if you won $10,000 tomorrow? Breathe easier.
2. Best lifetime moment? The day DH and I were married, or was it the day seven years later that I realized the marriage might just work, or maybe today, still hangin’ in there almost 35 years later.
3. Are you happy? Let me count the ways.
4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Must be Facebook since I don’t use Twitter.
5. If you could change something in your life what would it be? My garden would be bigger, and I would be younger, thinner, have more of a resemblance to my mother than my father... Well, you asked.
6. What is your biggest vice/habit in life? I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.
7. What is a good point about you? I feel things deeply. A negative point? I feel things too deeply.
8. What is your most embarrassing lifetime moment? What, I should relive the embarrassment by writing it here? I don’t think so.
9. What is your favorite flower? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.
10. What's your biggest love in life? I hope my biggest love is the Lord, but some days I don’t act like it.

And here are my Beautiful Blogger nominations.

Carolyn – Rose Notes
Cyd – The Old Garden Rose Blog
HolleyGarden – Roses and Other Gardening Joys
Meems – Hoe and Shovel
Connie – Hartwood Roses

Nominees, here’s what you have to do:
1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer the same 10 questions I did, for fun, if you want to.
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominees' links in your post and comment on their blogs to let them know they’ve been included and invited to take part.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

Oh, gosh, I just saw that answering the questions was optional. Read the directions, silly!


  1. These were fun questions! I liked reading your answers, especially your best lifetime moment. Sweet. Thanks so much for the nomination, too. :)

  2. Sherry, You are kind and sweet for nominating my blog for this award. It was very fun to read your answers. My favorite? "bite off more than I can chew." I can relate in so many ways. :-) Meems

    1. Ha! I guess, Meems, the moral to our story is that the big "bites" can have big pay-offs, right? Very evident in your garden!! If we don't try, we don't succeed. However, sometimes we do make life a bit scary.