Friday, January 4, 2013

Free mulch

Finally, the tree trimmers arrived this morning. The power company kept saying they were coming to trim the tree on our back property line that borders the power line easement that runs through the water retention area. I could never understand what threat it posed to those wires that are so high and so far away. Just so you know, the mention of power companies trimming trees sends chills up every spine in Ocala. Last year they butchered many large oaks growing in the wide median in East Silver Springs Boulevard. Incredibly horrifying!

So when DH said the power company was going to top and trim my ‘swing’ tree, I about had a cow. That was months ago, and I kept hoping that the day-glo orange paint spot they put on my tree would fade beyond recognition. A month or so ago the man came back and said it would happen later in the week. As nice as he was, he still didn’t convince me that it was necessary or that they would be gentle with my tree.

My first words to the tree guy were, "Are you going to be nice to my tree?" He said, yes, he wouldn't hurt the tree. The second thing I said was, "Can I have the wood chips?" He said yes. Whoopee!
He also said he would not be able to get as high as he needed to be to cut off all that the power company wanted him to cut off. He really was way up there with that pole saw.
I picked this lot because of that tree, instantly picturing a swing hanging from the sideways-growing part. Later the guy with the saw described the power company's aerial mapping and measuring (maybe not infrared but something techie like that). They do wind calculations and what happens if the wire swing this way in the wind while the tree falls that way into the wire. He said my tree would easily take down that wire which carries 250,000 volts. He said upon touching that wire my tree would instantly explode into 5,000 degree flames, destroying and electrifying everything under it and in the ground.       Aww, there goes my swing.
I asked him what would happen to the house. He didn't answer me.
He said the tree needed to be cut in half really, because it definitely could fall into the wires. $1,000,000 cost per day for every day it takes to fix it. He's telling me this after he's done and on the ground, so I asked him why he didn't cut the tree back farther than he did. He said he couldn't reach it, and besides, it would kill the tree. The power company doesn't care if the tree dies. It's the homeowner's problem and cost to take the dead tree down which would be a couple thousand dollars for this tree. He left me with the thought that he hadn't taken enough out of the tree to keep the wind from pushing it over, but DH was watching from the porch and said he took a lot off the top. I guess I won't worry about it.
Back her up, boys!
Ahhh. Beautiful stuff.
I could hear the roses getting all giggly.

Now I need some composted horse manure to put down under the mulch.


  1. Hurray free mulch. Hopefully you'll have no problems with the tree landing in the power lines.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. No problems is definitely what I'm hoping for along with a great weekend for you, too, Lorraine.

  2. Question, I have a wood chipper and I mulch limbs and it bad to use fresh mulch?

    1. No, Janie, not at all. You just put it on top like you do pine straw or pine bark mulch. Don't mix it with the soil. It's meant to keep the soil cool and moist. Make it about 3" thick but not piled against the plant stem.

  3. Cool....because I have avoided using it...but if you are saying I can use it around the area....then I do have free mulch..I have lost of limbs I cut down...and I know exactly where to use it ...:

  4. You might google the type of tree for any possible negative effects. Oak & pine are fine, I know, but some species have stuff in them that inhibits growth, for example. Walnut, I think, does that. Just google.

  5. Lovely all those mulch for your roses. I'm sure they will be flourishing of it coming summer especially in combination with the horse manure.

  6. Yes, Janneke, I'm sure they'll be happier this year than they were last year. Last year they didn't get any. :(