Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never received an award before!

Thank you, Masha!
for thinking my blog deserves an award.

Now then, I hope I have the instructions right about what I am supposed to do next.
1. Post a link back to the person who gave you the award (see above).
2. Tell 7 things about myself.
       1. In high school I worked as a telephone operator back when calls were answered by plugging the "front cord" into a hole in the board above the blinking light of the caller and then plugging the "back cord" into a jack that went to the called number. I thought it was a fun job, being the anonymous "Operator 115".
       2. My hometown of Norwalk, CT is right next door to Westport, CT, home of some very famous people. The most exciting call I ever handled was a person-to-person call to Sammy Davis, Jr. This was the coolest call I'd ever handled even though Sammy was not there. I asked the caller if he wanted to leave a message. He said, "Yes, tell him Paul Newman called." Instantly, all breath left my body and no sound would come out of my mouth. Paul kept saying, "Operator, Operator." I think I was finally able to grunt or something.
       3. When going through sorority "rush" at the University of Alabama, the counselor advised all the girls to "tell them something that will make them remember you". Even though I was an extremely shy, introverted girl, I did have my Paul Newman story, and I told it at every sorority house I went to that day. It worked.
       4. I always wanted a yellow Volkswagon beetle.
       5. I've been married 33+ years and have 3 stepsons, 3 DILs, and 7 grandchildren.
       6. Quilting and sewing were my things before roses.
       7. I love to buy books. Unfortunately, I don't have time to read them all.
3. Award from 5 to 15 other new bloggers.
I enjoy these 'newish' blogs immensely. I hope you will, too. 
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        The Professor's Garden Musings
 And thank you again, Masha.       


  1. What a nice post, Sherry. I liked reading about you. I love books too, and, like you, I don't have much time to read them:-).

  2. It was interesting to read 7 things about you. I, too, once used a plug-in switchboard! I agree that you blog with style.

  3. Masha, thanks for giving me the chance to reminisce a bit.

    You're very welcome, Sandra.

    Nanak, I really did like that job. Do you remember 'overlapping', using both hands all the time to save time? Thank you!