Thursday, February 10, 2011

'Parade' on the move

This is 'Parade' last year. My plan was to replace him with Climbing Clotilde Soupert and send him far away to the landfill.  Well, I think he's gotten wind of the shovel, because he is sprouting absolutely everywhere. So I thought about the spot I have on the northeast side of a fence that probably gets too much shade for a bush, but since 'Parade' tolerates some shade and most of him would be above the fence anyway, I thought it would be a perfect fit with the added benefit of the rather remote location making his less-than-well-foliated nature less bothersome.  Last weekend that was a great idea, but this weekend now that he's budding all over the place, I'm concerned about the damage I will do him. Sigh! He's definitely got to be moved, and roses do bounce back amazingly well. I just hope I don't hurt him too bad.  Well, maybe he won't mind the jolt of the move, and perhaps he'll just be relieved that he's got a new home and isn't mulch. He's worth saving, don't you think? And he's not even an antique.


  1. I don't think it matters whether it is an antique or not, as long as it pleases you. It looks beautiful to me. If you move a plant that has started growing already, you might delay the spring flush, or maybe not see one at all....But it might be worth it to you if you will be bothered by its nakedness the rest of the year.

    The pictures are really gorgeous, I hope it does well for you in its new location.

  2. He definitely is worth saving. I just moved 4 roses last the drizzly rain, and I discovered a "bonus" rose where a branch must have layed on the ground and sprouted roots. I'd give it a go...and give him a little extra attention.

  3. I love the bright pink! Looks like he's begging to be saved. Such a pretty rose.