Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloomin' things

'Henryi' clematis
'Key to My Heart' daylily
This tiny rose is a Miniature Climber, 'Pink Above All', growing and blooming in full shade! I was astonished today when I saw it. I moved it last fall from a full sun spot where it had been languishing for over a year, and not having the heart to toss it, I plopped it in a scratched out hole in some bare ground, hardly covering its roots. It got some nice composted manure this spring, and it's starting to grow a new cane and two tiny flowers. Did you know that Miniature Roses are classified that way not because of the small plant size but because of the small flower size?
'Sherry Lane Carr' daylily getting ready to blast off!
Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise'
Hollyhock 'Summer Carnival'
Clematis viticella 'Princess Diana'. I think the flowers are getting a tad bigger.
Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
Viola Hybrida 'Rose Shades' (I think)
'Softee' - a big cluster that I didn't have the heart to remove on Saturday. I don't see any thrips damage on these.
'Royal Heiress' daylily - I'm pretty sure.
'Bermuda's Anna Olivier' - I guess I missed a few buds down low.
Not sure what this one is. I thought it was going to be red/yellow but it doesn't look that way.
Salvia farinacea, Gaura (in front) coming back from last year and dianthus
The label said Purple Iris. Some think it may be walking iris, Giant Apostle.
NOID (no I.D.) - bought in bulk at Sam's before I knew what I was doing. :))

'La Sylphide' - Tea Rose, 1842, Boyau
'Souv de la Malmaison, Climbing - Is she starting a second flush? That would be cool since she's not supposed to be a great rebloomer.
I forget the name. Somebody tell me. The leaves have a strong spicy scent.
Clematis viticella 'Venosa Violacea'
Viola 'Cottage Mix' - Paler than the seed package photo.
Pansy 'True Blue'
Balloon Flower - came back in two pots after not doing well last year from 4" pots. I was going to replant the pots this spring and found these big sprouting root balls. I thought they were going to be mini-petunias. Instead these came up - big, healthy & beautiful.
'Lillian Austin' - Shrub Rose, 1973, David Austin
Here's a shot of my roseless rose garden after Saturday's dis-budding party - not! Just trying to thwart the thrips.


  1. Even roseless, your garden is very pretty.

  2. Your little yellow flowers are dahlberg daisies.
    I love these as sometimes they reseed. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous and I see you have several different clematis...also lovely.

  3. Beautiful flowers! My roses are pretty bare too after I did pretty much the same thing. I chopped back my knockouts too but for a different reason...they were huge! I love love your 'Souv de la Malmaison climbing' I wanted that one but not the climbing for myself but they were out of it. Maybe I can hope to snag it for a fall order. Heard so many wonderful things about her!

  4. It is amazing how much you have going on in your garden, just love everything! Seeing your photos today, I made a note to my self: Have to plant more companion plants! That's what is lacking in my garden. I certainly don't need any more roses, but plants that accompany them are a different story...
    Your 'La Sylphide' looks like a very special Tea rose.

  5. Sherry,

    Dear friend your garden is so amazing! The daylilies are really turning out nicely this year! I am enchanted by the pictures, and a bit curious on a couple items: What kind of gaura is pictured? It looks so good with the salvia. Where do you get corn poppies, and how do you grow them? Finally, the purple iris is most assuredly a large apostles iris, as it is exactly the same as the one by my front steps. It is pretty foolproof, and is a pretty flower,and hardy even when mulched (which as I understand kills most other iris)

    Congrats on a beautiful spring in your garden!


  6. I love that corn poppy...so cute. And, the clematis...I thought they wouldn't grow here. How long have you been growing them? And, which one does the best for you? I would love to try one. You are a gardener after my own heart...one who loves flowers, and you have a stunning selection blooming in your garden right now. I like your circle garden in the last photo...what are the odd shaped items in the gravel. They look like pieces of broken tile...I like them...very unique idea.

  7. You have so many pretty flowers surrounding your roses that even with the de-budding your garden is colorful and interesting. So many flowers I've tried and can't get to withstand the humidity here but are doing well for you! (clematis and poppies.) Your daylilies are perfect with the roses. I like that one you bought without knowing what you were doing:)

  8. Lovely, lovely flowers. Ain't Springtime grand?

  9. I love looking at your garden because it's a few weeks ahead of mine. My dianthus is just starting and my balloon flowers aren't ready yet. Sorry you had to debud. I may try that on a few of mine this year that are just thrip magnets. Today we are staking our veggies and I have lots of deadheading to do. I guess that's a good problem.

  10. Oh, are the yellow flowers cosmos? Or some kind of daisy/aster?

  11. Sherry, I have the same problem with yellow leaves on the roses and it drives me crazy. I actually try to remove them, sometimes with a strong spray of water and sometimes by hand. The latter method is NOT a good idea, as evidenced by my scratched hands and arms.

    You have so many more companion plants than I do. To me that's the sign of a real gardener. Anyone can tend to a few rose bushes, but all those flowers are another story.