Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos, as promised

The view from the patio. The climber going up the tree behind the big pot is Fortuneana.
Gaura is in the big pot alongside 'Aladdin Yellow' petunias (from seeds) and Sweet Basil.I just sprinkled Carnation seeds in the reddish pot. If I get the birdbath, it will go to the left of the pots over near the spot the chair is in.

By way of full disclosure the "stuff" is still there behind the fence which is not leaning, just the effect of the wide angle lens. Only the tree is leaning. The other fence panel we put up is behind the 'alfalfa tea' cans is new.

The squirrels thought I had set out the grand buffet for them. Stupid useless animals!

Here's the other view. The roses I have in the bulging bed are 'General Gallieni', 'Mme Joseph Bonnaire' , 'Alexander Hill Gray', 'Aloha', 'Blush Noisette', 'Comtesse du Cayla' and 'Duchesse du Brabant'. None are blooming now. Maybe you figured that out by yourselves.
That's the new fuschia tucked under 'Reve d'Or'.
I'm pretty sure this is thrips damage on 'Clotilde Soupert'. They've been munching away in there. She's has 3 or 4 new canes topped with candelabras of buds which I am afraid will need to be cut off. The buds not the canes.
Now on to today's flower show.
'White Maman Cochet'.

'Red Cascade'
Daylily 'Sherry Lane Carr'

'Rocket' larkspur - One plant grown from seed. It flopped over and all the side shoots went vertical and bloomed.

Last year's 'Summer Carnival' hollyhock. I believe the color is called rose, but it's quite red.

'Early Sunrise' coreopsis, divided off last year's plant grown from seed.
This time with dianthus in the background.

Antirrhinum major (Snapdragon) bought from Lowe's and my favorite caladium, 'Aaron'.
Another division of the original coreopsis. It's out on the curb next to the mailbox. That's 'Red Cascade' and daylily, 'Kent's Favorite' about to bloom. It's red with a yellow throat. Isn't luck grand?
This is 'Hermosa', a small flower but petal-packed.
Worth a close-up, don't ya think?
Don't remember this caladium's name, but I like it.
Daylily 'Key to My Heart' - It blooms early and reblooms.

My favorite salvia, Salvia farinacea also called Mealy Blue Sage - the only one I grow. It's soft, doesn't act like a bully, and the blooms are a blue/purple that has a silvery glow.
The border along my front sidewalk. The caladiums came up nicely around the snapdragons. Eventually they'll be so tall you won't know the snapdragons are there - unless they really do get 3' tall like the tag said.
I leave you with clematis viticella 'Venosa Violacea'. It's right outside DH's den window and in the waning light we could only see the white, making the flowers look like stars. Very lovely.


  1. Your photos ... ROCK! I love that daylilly, I've never seen it before. Thanks for a nice jolt of color as I sit here and hear the rain and wind howl outside.

  2. Wow Sherry, its really awesome! Good Job!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed the tour of your garden, Sherry, thank you! That "bulging area" seems to have a lot of roses, I am sure it will be spectacular when they bloom. I love the White Maman, and Hermosa, and your Red Cascade is really impressive. Your sidewalk planting of caladiums and snapdragons is wonderful, I just love that combination. Wonderful pictures!

  4. This post made me SO happy. Not from any one thing, but the assemblage of all of it. Who knew we were so much alike in plants we love. Salvia faricinea is my new favorite, and I can not wait to get more. Caladiums are a family tradition in my neck of the woods, and DAYLILIES! Oh what a fleeting joy they are, I believe if there is one other plant I have a full blown fixation with, it must be the daylily. There are a few that come close....hydrangeas, fragrant shrubs (tea olive and banana shrub are divine), iris, and daffodils, but the daylily is really tops. I can't tell you how beautiful Sherry Lane Carr is, I think it is close to perfection. I have one that will bloom tommorow (with my Paul Neyron, hopefully) and I will have to remember to snap a couple pics. I am intrigued by the coreopsis, I have never grown it before, but it is so lovely. I have had no luck with larkspur...but maybe one day...and I am soooo envious of Red Cascade.

    It really is a happy post, so many flowers, such beauty, and amazing combinations!

    Great Job Sherry!

    PS- I vote yes on the birdbath, it will completely anchor that area, especially underplanted with pretties.


  5. Beautiful, Sherry ! The roses, the caladiums, the coreopsis...Everything !

  6. Your gardens and combinations are just gorgeous!! The rocket series of the snapdragons really do get TALL!

  7. Wow, once again your photos of gardens and blooms are wonderful. What a lovely place you have created.

    Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter.


  8. Another WOW from me! I really enjoyed looking all these photos. You have done a great job for that container area project. All of your flowers are just terrific. I also have that Salvia farinacea, and it is really beautiful. Especially it is cold hardy (at least in my aread) too. You just remind me that I probably should take some cuttings to make more plants out of it.

    Love the combination of pink snapdragons and caladium Aaron.

    I used to grow coreopsis one year from the seed when I was even not a gardener. Very few seedlings that grew eventually gave me some beautiful flowers. I grew them in the container then, and when they finish flowering, I thought they were dead and threw them away. Hmmm, now I have gained some experience, maybe I should try again. Those flowers are just beautiful.

    When I first saw that 'Venosa Violacea' in the sixth picture, I almost thought that is not real. Wow, what a beauty it is!!! Love the color, and the shape!

  9. Oh my, you have certainly given me "rose fever" and that Clematis..how incredible!! I am south and east of you near DeLand and have tried the clematis, but only had success with the Sweet Autumn variety. Guess I'll try Venosa, if I can find one. Your gardens are just beautiful and I have so enjoyed your blog.

  10. I love the way that fence tidied up the garden shed area. That is definitely something I should do here.

    Your garden even without blooms looks lovely and the blooming part is spectacular. I'm quite envious of your Red Cascade. Mine just started blooming and in no way is so full of blooms. I hope mine will catch up!

  11. Hi Sherry...It's amazing how an idea and a little...or maybe a lot...of work can transform an area into a pretty sight. It looks very nice, and I think the birdbath will be a nice addition.

    Those pink snapdragons and white/green caladiums are gorgeous together...so soft, they have a cooling effect.

    Love the pic of the coreopsis that you took from ground level. And, the daylily...Key to my Heart...looks very pretty. Do post another pic of it when it's open. Where do you get your daylilies from? I'm so happy to see Red Cascade...WOW, she's a real beauty...so many flowers.

    I grew the summer carnival hollyhocks a few years ago...they are so pretty...it makes me want to grow them again. In fact, I think I will come this fall. They are the perfect flower for your rose garden, and the mealycup sage is one of my favorites, too. You're right...it's nice and small and doesn't take over a bed. Your garden must be quite a sight for your neighbors to enjoy.