Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mostly daylilies

'Marietta Dreamer' - Love this color. They call it light purple with a deep purple eye.
'Abalone Angel' - I think that's who she is anyway. If I'm right, she'll be blooming for quite a while. The reason for my doubt is that AA is supposed to be fragrant and pastel peach pink with a gold edge. Possibly peach, but I don't see pink. But she is definitely fragrant.
'Passion District' - First blooms that I have seen are rarely true to description. This is supposed to be red with a lighter red watermark. Today it was a brownish color. We'll see how the blooms progress.
'White Pet' in the back garden - a huge cluster with another coming.
'Key To My Heart' - This daylily has grown on me. I really didn't like the color combination until the end of the second season, last year. This spring it has been superb. It's a Bob Carr hybrid, so I should have known it would be great.
'Key To My Heart'
This lovely fragant daylily has no ID. I forgot to save the name on the box.
The color is the brightest yellow with a hint of green, and it's a heavy bloomer.
This is a Gingerland caladium popping out of the ground that I planted two or three weekends ago along the fences in the back garden. I thought they would soften those hard edges.
A whole leaf is up on this one. Yay! I also planted ten Florida Sweethearts at the same time. They haven't started popping up yet.
I believe this is 'Crimson Pirate', but he's another one I bought before I started seriously growing DL's and didn't make note of the name. He adds so much cheerfulness to the garden.
Here he is again. I bought a box of 13 bareroots at Sam's so they're all over the back garden . This is another one that has weedled its way into my heart. I've grown to really like the thin petals and the long scapes fluttering in the breeze.
Really! How could you not love this guy?
'Madame Joseph Bonnaire' liked being moved out of the ground and into a pot. Go figure! She still  has very few leaves but beautiful, fragrant blooms. I deadheaded her very hard, cutting her 4-foot tall canes in half. We'll see if that brings more bushiness. I also fed her this evening. She's an early Hybrid Tea from 1891, and her parents are 'Adam', a Tea rose, and 'Paul Neyron', a Hybrid Perpetual. Hence, the new class of the late 1800's, Hybrid Teas.


  1. Your daylilies are already blooming ? Beautiful !!!

  2. Your Daylilies are lovely. Too earl yet for mine. Your Roses are lovely too.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Fascinating that your daylilies are blooming. That's why I can't move south....seeing them in May instead of late June would totally mess up my psyche.

  4. Key to my Heart is one of my favorites that you have, but they are all beauties. Enjoy all the lovely blooms in your May garden.