Saturday, July 21, 2012

A pruning party in San Jose

It occurs to me that there should be more city rose gardens in our country. Can I get an Amen! to that? Public gardens that put hundreds and even thousands of beautiful, blooming roses on display are a source of pride for the citizens of the town and an attraction for tourists. Unfortunately, great ideas are often followed by skeptical thoughts. Who will pay for it, who will do the work, who will follow through on maintenance? I suppose the answer to those questions is the citizens, you and me. Well, gee, how can two people do all the work that a public garden requires? Just take a look at how the citizens of San Jose, California do it. I think they can put to rest all of our skepticism. Anyone game for taking the plunge in your town?

Thank you, Terry Reilly, Co-Founder of the Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden, for sending me the link to this pruning video after my original post of the aerial garden tour video. Now I am excited to be able to edit this post, because you have followed up with another email with this kind message:
 Hi Sherry,

People often wonder how we were able to set up a vibrant organization like the Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden.  Well, the All-America Rose Selections wrote a case study on us.  It reveals all of our secrets! You might want to share it with your friends.
Click HERE to view the case study.

Terry went on to say: 
In addition, people may be interested in a great volunteer tracking software that was developed on our original tracking concept.  It's free and is great to keep the volunteers engaged.

You can see it HERE.
You can also check out the website of Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden by going HERE.

I am incredibly thrilled that this post has become a conduit of this valuable information. Once again, rosarians - and that means you, Terry - have proven themselves to be the definition of generosity.


  1. Oh, my gosh! I had NO idea! So many volunteers! That is just amazing! What a wonderful feeling that must be for them to have such support. I especially loved seeing the children there. Impressive!

    1. HolleyGarden, I hope you'll revisit this post to see the update.

  2. I wish I knew how to get volunteers as enthused as this group. We have a heritage rose garden in our town, but it is like pulling teeth to get people to come out and help. It seems like it is always the same couple of people that turn out each Saturday, and the majority of the maintenance and upkeep of the roses is left unfinished. They have done workshops about growing roses to bring in a bigger group, but alas, when the weather heats up, no one shows.I know there must be more people in the community that would like to learn about growing roses, but so far,no luck. Any suggestions?

    1. Claferg, hopefully, you will find the new information in this edited post to be as amazingly helpful as I did.