Sunday, July 15, 2012

Now boarding for the rose flight

This is the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose, California. I'm sad to say that I've never been there, but the folks in and around San Jose have a real gem.  Restored in 2009 and maintained with the help of volunteers, it is also a trial garden for new rose varieties. I've seen many "glamor shots" of individual rose blooms taken in this garden by GardenWeb rose friends, but I had no idea what a beautiful garden it is and that it was named "America's Best Rose Garden" on August 12, 2010.

Thanks to Facebook, I now know about this wonderful rose garden, but little did I know when I clicked on the link that I would be taken on a very cool hexacopter ride and an exhilarating birdseye tour, complete with orchestral accompaniment. In the first seconds I recognized the radio-controlled six-bladed helicopter and stuck my netbook under DH's nose. He's really into aerial photography and RC, and this video held his attention for the whole 12 minutes and 42 seconds. I just know you will enjoy it, too. And if you're ever in Silicon Valley, be sure to treat yourself to this fabulous garden.


  1. Great post! We will have the co-founder of the Friends of the San Jose Rose garden on Rose Chat radio on Aug 4. I am so excited to hear their story..... Thanks for posting this video... Wow!

  2. Super Sherry, Like DH I enjoyed every minute....think we could make the new nursery look like that? Thanks for sharing....