Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have you heard?

Sometimes I'm nosy and dig into new things, and sometimes I stubbornly turn away and choose to remain ignorant. Probably you do the same. On FaceBook I've noticed links to Rose Chat Radio, but I've never clicked on them, figuring I could not handle one more distraction. However, today the link on Facebook shows the photo of the editor of my local rose society's newsletter (Wow!!!), so I clicked. Turns out there will be a "rose chat" next Saturday morning, October 20th, at 10:30 (don't know what time zone) with Carol and Carolyn Parker, renowned rose gardener, photographer and author. Among other rosy things I'm sure they'll talk about Carolyn's upcoming appearance at our local Festival of Roses put on by the Marion County Rose Society on November 3rd and 4th in Ocala.

I will do some more investigating on the Rose Chatting, but I didn't want my ignorance to be your ignorance. So here's the link.

Rose Chat scheduled for October 20th at 10:30AM

I'll be posting on our Festival of Roses very soon. If you remember my posts of last year's Rose Display and Rose Show (the links will take you to those two blog posts), you know it will be a glorious rose event. Hopefully, some - maybe many? - of you will make room for it in your schedule. And the chance to meet and hear Carolyn Parker, a Californian, speak in the eastern United States is a definite rarity not to be missed. It may even be a first!!

Here's a postcript from Chris VanCleave, the originator of Rose Chat Radio:

Being an internet broadcast, you can listen anytime by going to the archive page. That's the beauty of the internet.
There are a couple of ways to listen:
On the Blog Talk Radio Website:
On the Rose Chat Radio Website: 
Just click on the Show Archive tab. It will bring up a page of all previous broadcasts and a player that you can list on-demand by clicking a button.
Finally, you can also listen and subscribe to the show via iTunes for FREE:
A lot of ways to listen, its good to spread the word about roses!  I will be speaking myself next weekend at a rose conference in Ozark, Alabama, and Teresa Byington and Susan Fox will be interviewing the Carol's... I'll be listening on the road... I enjoy reading your blog. have it tagged in my reader and don't miss a post...


  1. So excited to see this post. I started Rose Chat Radio out of a need to broadcast positive information on roses to a wide audience. It is been a great joy to speak with the guests from all over the country about their love of roses and how the blooms carry a special place in our hearts. I hope you'll become a regular listener.

    1. Chris, I will definitely try to remember on Saturday mornings. Guess I'll have to put sticky notes everywhere. My memory is sometimes useless, and I am so easily distracted. :( Thank you for commenting (and for creating this). You have enlightened me about what Rose Chat Radio is. Are old chats available to for listening or only the live shows?