Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the winners are…

The Marion County Rose Society celebrated its annual Festival of Roses today, and this little newbie was quite wide-eyed about the whole thing.  I would compare it to my wedding day that passed like a blur before my eyes. Only when it was all over did I realize how excellent the day had been and how little I had actually seen... which made me wish I could do it again the next weekend so I could enjoy it. Well, many hardworking, dedicated Society members are breathing a sigh of relief that my wishes don't come true.


There were classes galore for anyone and everyone to jump into the competition.


There were boxes and bowls and frames.


The roses of a bygone era are my favorites.


But they are definitely outshone by the roses of this modern era. I know there’s a commentary in this somewhere.


The ‘Pretty as a Picture’ class was really something to behold. I think I was rather awestruck by seeing these beauties poking their perfect faces out of black velvet.


Fragrance was a big deal at the show.


So may we have the envelope, please.










My sincere apologies to Her Majesty. The Queen of Show deserves a better photograph than this one. With a wall of windows behind the Queen my own eyes were unable the see this prize winner. Thankfully, computer software (Windows 7) can do a remarkable job of imitating a camera, and it discovered the beauty that was hidden, but even so, ‘Vinno Rosso’ is quite insulted, I’m sure.


I fear I may spend some time on the rack for this faux pas as well. The King of Show suffered similarly from the same bright background situation, and so this is a very poor likeness of His Majesty also. Worse than that, I neglected to get the grower’s name in the photo. Would someone kindly give this fine rosarian the credit he or she is owed?


There were many other awards given, but at the beginning of snapping pics I knew not what I was doing or what was before me. So those awards and winners were not duly recorded by this nincompoop photographer. Next year I'll do better.

This is the photo that reminded me that while I was paper-clipping ribbons to the prize-winners' tags, I was not looking at the prize-winners themselves. Oh, to be able to go back and look at each one up close. Next year I'll do that, too.


The non-judged Display of Roses comes tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. How wonderful to see all of those lovely roses. They all look so perfect.


  2. I am so glad you really had a good time at the rose show! Doesn't,t the variety of the rose just blow you away? Clerking is fun and a great way to enjoy th roses. Still learning about the rose even after many a roar show.

  3. What a display! I poured over all the photos - this is very interesting to me. I've never seen a rose show, but what a wonderful way to spend a day, surrounded by all that beauty. I bet you had a blast talking 'rose talk' and meeting other rose growers, too.