Monday, October 3, 2011

A few blooms but no armadillos

I think I ticked off the armadillos. This morning the gardens were more dug up in several places than they’ve been in a long time. The traps were empty. The big trap had sand on the trigger plate, but the door was still open, and one board was pushed over partially. DH thinks the sand was kicked onto the plate and not tracked on. Perhaps the armadillo pulled over the board trying to get back in the tunnel. Just went out and checked the traps. The board was moved again. Guess I have to find a bigger, more hefty board. The one in the back is still empty.

Much nicer view out the back door with the scraggly limbs gone. Feel the cool air in this photo?
IMG_8273 (Custom)
The perfect cool air and crystal blue skies are still with us as is the broiling Florida sun. After I cut up and loaded the tree branches into the truck along with other garden debris for tomorrow’s pick-up, I drove around to the front to unload. The truck sat in the dinnertime sun for about 20 minutes while I collected other stuff for the pile. Since I had blocked DH’s space with my ‘yard waste’ pile, I got back in the truck (or should I say oven?) to move it around to the back again. Maximum AC did nothing to relieve my sweating on the two-minute trip but upon opening the door the cool 75-degree air washed over me like air out of a refrigerator. I shivered this morning with temps in the low fifties in my shirt sleeves and bare arms. Tomorrow I’ll wear a jacket. Don’t want to shock you but I dislike being cold. Check out the temps and humidity this afternoon.

Oh, I almost forgot. I bought a plastic sprinkling can on the way home so I could apply the Liquid Karma. I think a rose friend said she used this and it really helped her roses. It’s humic acid and kelp. I recently decided it might help my roses and the native ground under the amended soil. So each rose bush in the front garden got a gallon and a half of humus showered on its leaves and the soil beneath. I think they also need some Milorganite in a week or so and maybe some composted horse manure.

IMG_8274 (640x545)
‘Marchesa Boccella’, an 1842 Damask Perpetual, had one small, lovely flower today and some very nice foliage. Surprise, surprise. Oh, my goodness, I forgot to smell the rose.

IMG_8291 (640x573)
‘Nur Mahal’, a 1923 Hybrid Musk, had two or three flowers today, and not much foliage. I just cut him back on Sunday in an effort to promote leaves. Maybe he’s just starving. Or maybe my thumb has turned black. Let me check my thumb and get back to you later.

IMG_8289 (640x620)
On the other hand ‘Alexander Hill Gray’, a Tea from 1909, had two flowers today and lots of leaves. I’m really liking AHG who just came to the garden last November, but I also like ‘Nur Mahal’, with or without leaves.


  1. I sure wish we had your cooler temps, but they aren't reaching this far south just yet. It has been nicer though and we are thankful for the cooler weather with less humidity.

    Your roses are stunning as usual.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your thumb is definitely not black!! I'd rather have leaves than flowers. Love the look of Marchesa Boccella. Very pretty. I hope you have better luck tomorrow on getting that armadillo. I have them here, and they do tear things up! Grrrr.

  3. Forget traps; think infrared vision and firearms!

    I'm a fan of the Marchesa. Bet she smelled like Eden!

  4. You'll get 'em, I have NO doubt! Hang in there and we'll look forward to your reports!!!! By the way, the back garden looks great!