Wednesday, October 26, 2011


More, more, more daylilies!! The box arrived today jam-packed with big bareroot plants. The kitchen counter wasn’t big enough so down they went to the floor for this glamour shot.

IMG_6498 (640x480)

Of course, you can clearly see that the new arrivals are not in bloom yet, and as gorgeous as Charlie's Shaw's plants are, they are not as pretty as the flowers! So thanks to for their policy of allowing their photos to be used for non-commercial purposes, I can show you my lovelies before next spring arrives.

Bell hybrid:  Crystal Sea

Carr hybrids: Inherited Wealth       and      Return To Paradise

Kaskel hybrid:  Sewing Circle

Morse hybrid:  Starfish Moon

Salter hybrid:  Colorado Blues

Shooter hybrid:  Marietta Dreamer

Stamile hybrids:  American Original     and      Bold Encounter

Stamile hybrids:  Puccini             and           Tremor

Talbott hybrid:  Caribbean Perfection Plus

In case you didn’t visit the Shaw's Sunshine Gardens link that I gave you up above you may not know that the 50% Off Sale ended October 15th. And you also don’t know, as I didn’t know until just now when I copied the link, that Charlie is offering another special. Oh, be still my heart! The special is a 100% Bonus - Charlie's Choice until November 30th. Excuse me, where the heck is that list I started the other day that I was going to add to this order when it dawned on me that the half-off sale had ended. You know how you get in a buying groove? Well, I was there and it was groovy…and then my memory burst my bubble. Hmmm, what did I do with that list??

Yeah, either Charlie’s going to have to start sending email notices of his sales or I’ll have to start checking his website daily. I’d better be safe and check often. Oh, to think I could've missed this one. I think I feel faint.


  1. What a great selection of Day Lilies you will have blooming come spring.

  2. Oooo, so many new daylilies ! Here in Greece, we can't buy such gorgeous specimens ... I found a nursery in Czech Republic ... I must order some beauties ...
    Have a nice day, Sherry, planting the daylilies !

  3. Nice selection, I wish I could grow them in my area

  4. I love daylilies but wish the deeply colored ones didn't fade in the sun so easily. I have a chunk of daylilies in my front garden that I'm expanding next spring. Yay!