Thursday, June 2, 2011

Late to the party

There are legitimate excuses for being late and even for missing an event entirely . No one can be in two places at one time . Everyone can be unavoidably detained . Watches do stop . Who among us has not overslept or forgotten to set the alarm or thought the appointment was for six o'clock when it was really for five o'clock .

And then there are lame excuses for tardiness and for standing-up a date . I forgot . Oh, gee, was it last Saturday? I didn't have time to stop . I forgot . My wheelbarrow had a flat tire . I got tied up with my daylily order .

Well, 'Maman Cochet' got stood-up this week . It's Thursday, and if I had showed up for the big event on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, my dear hostess would have been pleased as punch with me . Was I there at her party on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday? No-o-o , I was the worst kind of cad . Her party never even crossed my mind, and I fear that she'll never forgive me and rightly so . Oh, how could I have been so absentminded and uncaring? Today with tears in her eyes she exposed my unreliability for all to see in these photos .

 Oh, that one stung me deeply .

"Oh, please, please stop . I can't bear another one," I cried out to her .
But she saved the most painful of her photos for last .
They were the ones of the beauty that I had missed a dozen times over.

Another confession, worse than the first, is how cruel I was to 'Faith Whittlesey' who threw her first big party last week . Her pure white blossoms were reported on all the social pages for days and days . Did I bother to stop by even for a moment to record the event? Of course not . I'm a boorish brute . I'm sure I'll never be invited anywhere again .


  1. That was a fun post! I am sorry you were late this time Sherry, but I am sure your hostess will give another party soon. You don't have a long way to go, you will make it.

  2. Strangely enough, my eyes focused on the fresh, pretty roses in every picture. The last one was a bit harder....thank goodness they'll all rebloom in time for the next party.

    P.S. I'm just now soaking my daylilies and will be planting them tomorrow! Exciting stuff, as you know. Thank goodness I don't have as many to plant as you did. You've got a great system going though, Sherry.

  3. I agree with Masha this was a fun post! Beautiful Maman Cochet and FW will give you many many parties to come, I feel sure! Need a field trip, tomorrow is Open Sale Day! ♥

  4. It is always sad to come upon missed blooms, and seeing them having faded away. But, there are always more blooms to come.


  5. Sherry...How could you be so inconsiderate! LOL -- Looks like you missed a wonderful party. I bet you won't miss the next party. :-)

  6. Mimo wszystko róża ,,,była piękna i powabna ,delikatny róż i bardzo delikatne gałązki na których uczepiony jest kwiat .Tak jak widzisz trwa przemijanie ,żeby się znowu odrodzić ....pozdrawiam

  7. That's why I take pictures. Your party never has to end. Just throw away the bad pics and re-print the pretty blooms over and over. :)

  8. Is that the heat that blasts them like that? But there will be another party soon. :)

  9. Hoovb, I don’t think it’s the heat. Since I wasn’t “watching'”, I’m not sure what it was, but she has a tendency finish all crispy and not let go of the spent blooms. The climber does the same thing. We had a big rain during that period which could be the cause, but it’s probably just her way. She is also very gangly without much foliage or many canes. Really quite ugly. Don’t know what she’s wanting to do, but she’s being very slow about it.