Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pretty miscellany

'Eternal Memories' - my first double daylily, a mid to late rebloomer, and it's fragrant but I forgot to take a whiff .
'Eternal Memories' again - I'm now in love with doubles . Must get more .
'Leda's Lover'
The beautiful 'Souv de la Malmaison'
'Indy Snowfall' -  a late bloomer . Oh, goody ! The flowers will continue .
These are 'The Seductor' from the new order planted last Sunday . Can't call them pretty just yet . Can you see the new green sticking up above the cut? I just hope they keep growing .
I hope you can see the new additions . These two are 'Grace's Gift' . Don't see any new green yet .
'Missouri Memories' - a double . Yay!

My Foxglove last evening . I gave it some water . Haven't checked on it yet today .
'Mme Joseph Bonnaire' - an early Hybrid Tea from 1891 . This plant was really just a rooted cutting about 5 inches long when I got it last September . No flowers yet . The taller cane that is leaning to the left is that original one . It's not quite 2' long now - so far a very slow grower . The other two canes appeared a few weeks ago - very exciting . This rose is the offspring of  'Adam', one of the Tea patriarchs from 1838, and 'Paul Neyron', a Hybrid Perpetual from 1869 that has huge flowers and grows very well in Florida, according to reports I have seen . So I'm excited about MJB . She's supposed to be fairly tall and slender with very large blooms . I'm hoping she'll be healthy, too .

Hopefully, the Foxglove was just thirsty after a day in the Florida sun . I put a few shade lovers in sunny spots when I was planting the tiny seedlings in the ground en masse, but this is the only one even thinking about blooming .

Another double daylily offering its first bloom ever - not counting the one I missed . (See the spent flower?)  'Modern Marvel' - mid-late rebloomer. I really like this one, too .
Northeast side of the house . This tall (about 10') rose at the corner is 'Nur Mahal', a Hybrid Musk with large deep pink almosr red flowers gets a few hours of morning sun and has a hard time keeping leaves on itself . It's getting more water now, and the alfalfa it got about a month ago produced some flowers . It's a tall, gangly thing outside DH's den windows . It's not hurting anybody, so he stays even though he's not much to look at . I have to figure out a better way to keep him out of the path which he leans into, reaching for the sun . Just this side of 'Nur Mahal' is a 'Merritt's Supreme' hydrangea in its second season, and closest to the camera is a 'Red Ruffles' azalea, looking green and lush since I gave him his own mister .  The white box is the styrofoam cooler that my meds come in . It now houses the irrigation timer. Maybe I should paint it green . Yeah, maybe when everything else is done .
'Sherry Lane Carr' - Still blooming strong . All those "ends" on this one scape represent flowers, and she's had lots of scapes . Wow ! She's a big producer .
First echinacea blooms . Love these so much .
'Full Moon Rising', a modern climber . Now I understand how it got its name - huge flowers that look like the full moon .
'Elizabeth Ferguson' at the feet of 'Mrs B. R. Cant' to the right . Three new daylily plants, described as honey cream pink . I wonder what that means .
Woopdedoo! Clematis 'Jackmanii' - Surprise, surprise !! These are the first blooms, and this is his second year . People told me he wouldn't do anything here, but here he is . I don't know if this is correct, but I'm thinking that clematis won't bloom unless they can latch onto something thin and climb . I didn't know they can only wrap around very thin things. I managed to get him up to some coated wire that 'Reve d'Or is on, and all of a sudden he's blooming . The 'Duchess of Albany' that is supposed to climb 'Maman Cochet' isn't, and it's because her canes are too thick . I'm going to order some netting to attach to the rose so the Duchess can do something besides lay on the ground . Poor thing .
Someday 'Jackmanii' will be entwining himself among the blooms of 'Reve d'Or' . They'll be spectacular together, I think,  if he pulls it off .

So much is happening in the garden in between rose flushes - little things here, there and everywhere .


  1. Whoa! There are DOUBLE daylilies?? 'Eternal Memories' is beautiful!

  2. Those blooms of eternal memories are stunning, in color and form.

    Love the rest of your blooms too, especially the roses. :-)


  3. Aren’t they amazing?? Like I said, gotta get more! Thanks for commenting, WG.

  4. Yes, FlowerLady, one could easy go NUTS over them. I think I’m on the verge.

  5. For some reason, I was surprised by the echinacea in Florida. Do you grow the new ones? I dont like the poofy superdoubles but I like the oranges; Tomato Soup, Sundowner.

  6. Professor, The only other ones I’ve tried are Pink Powderpuff and White Swan (from seeds). I don’t know if any of the White Swans survived seedling stage. Something seems to like to eat the leaves a little at a time until there’s very little left – and not dead but not growing. The two PPs have buds on them, I think. My original regular echinacea has spread (this is the 3rd season of it), and I’ve bought 3 or 4 other plants.

  7. Girlfriend, I need your help. Yesterday my Florida Cracker Rose came in the mail, and I was wondering what you use to amend the soil?

  8. Beautiful as usual! Where did you end up ordering your day lilies? I am entranced by doubles as well, and I have a couple good hybridizations one called Art Song in particular that I would recommend to you, as well as the good old Hemerocallis Fulva, the double orange one of the old days.


  9. Dani, unfortunately I can't reply directly to you because you used a "no-reply" email, but I will do a post later today that will answer your question. Hopefully, it's not too late for you.

  10. Hey Sherry...Your beautiful daylily parade continues. Do your pretty single and double daylilies multiply? I planted a pretty double orange (don't know the name) from my late aunt's garden and it is very pretty. Your beauties encouraged me to buy a new variety this year. It's called the "Holy Spirit" and is a real pretty pastel yellow.

    Your hydrangea is a very pretty color. I'm guessing that that color is not dependent on the soil that correct?

    And, that're starting a new trend with that vine in Florida. I've read that there are some that bloom but you never see them for sale here. Yours is very pretty. I might have to give it a try.

  11. Sherry, I loved the combination of daylilies and roses in this blog. Full Moon Rising is an awesome, dramatic rose! The double day lilies have really captured my heart. Your singles are gorgeous too; so far my favorites are pale yellow and mauve. I keep noticing that your roses of the same variety that I have are fuller and have more petals. It's got to be that wonderful humidity! The roses seem to like it.

  12. Susan, yes, the daylilies do multiply, making a bigger and bigger clump . I used to think the oranges didn’t mix well with my roses’ pastel shades, but I’m changing my mind . I have a gold one that just lights my fire when I see it . What a surprise! I’m sure you’ll love your yellow one .

    The hygrangea is ‘Merritt’s Supreme’, and it was almost red when I got it – such a deep pink . Right now it’s not really as deep a pink as when I got it – maybe no sun keeps it from being dark . I’m guessing, too, this variety isn’t dependent on pH like others are . My pH is around 6.9 so all of mine are deep pink . I don’t bother with the aluminum sulfate . I think the most I could hope for would be lavender .

    The viticella and texensis varieties of clematis are good here . Of course, I bought them online . I’ve never seen them in the stores .

  13. Ingrid, your right about Full Moon Rising being dramatic . It’s the largest flower I have . Ditto on the double daylilies . They’re a different kind of gorgeous than the singles .

    I don’t know what to make of the difference in petal count between yours and mine . Our real humidity has yet to start, but even without it we’re still way more humid than you . We’re about 45-50% now during the day . Maybe that’s the reason . I think the humidity is wonderful, too, sometimes but not in August.