Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some oddities - sort of

It's been so hot here that I have been staying inside mostly. Officially, it was 99 today (unless you were walking across Walmart's parking lot - who me? - where it had to be well over 100), and now at 10:10PM it's 84 but feels like 87. We don't get into the high 90's very often, and it's very unpleasant. Hopefully, we'll get some rain later in the week. The afternoon rainstorms really do need to start so-o-o-on. I ventured out this evening before dusk (when it was 88, felt like at least 92, and made standing still a sweaty experience) to water some things, mainly my new daylilies. Two bloomers amazed me and caused me to record them here for posterity (however long that is.)

The first is a daylily from my not too recent order still in the tub and unplanted, not bothering to wait for the gardener to get on with his show. The red flower is 'Double Cranberry Ruffles' - probably not looking as lovely as he would like.

The next one was a real shocker to me.

That's 'La Sylphide' - from my neighbor's point of view - coming through the space between the boards of my fence in two places.  It was nearly dark when I noticed this escapee, and that's why the photos are a tad grainy. A major case of wanderlust, I suppose.

Don't give up on the next installment of "Bush shots". It's in pre-production, as they say.


  1. Your daylily is a beauty and I love the two rose escapees.


  2. Your flowers are so beautiful, even like this. Lovely roses !

  3. That single rose on the fence is a priceless picture. I hope you're neighbor is enjoying such a beauty.