Thursday, December 15, 2011

Darkness is almost suffocating

My work days have been extra long for a couple of weeks, and on top of that there’s been Christmas shopping straight from work on two evenings this week. I was thinking this evening while cleaning up the kitchen – I’m officially tired. There are still plenty of flowers in my garden. I know they’re there because all week I have seen them while running out to the car in the morning. Unfortunately, that’s been the only time I’ve seen them. I feel like when I get home someone has slipped a bag over my head. My eyes widen at the thought of not being able to go outside and see what’s there, straining to fend off the dark somehow. Last evening while taking Ellie out, I took the flashlight with me to catch a glimpse of newly planted ‘Mary Rose’, but the weak shaft of light offered only a mere confirmation that she was still there. I couldn’t see if there were new leaf buds, more leaves and not even more height. But these are some of the roses I see in the morning.

'Madame Abel Chatenay' still pumping out big blooms

'Clotilde Soupert'

'White Maman Cochet'

'White Maman Cochet'

'Bermuda's Anna Olivier'

Hydrangea 'Sister Theresa'

'Marchesa Boccella'

When the light gets so dim that the camera can’t focus, the desperate rosarian uses the flash... but it's not the same. I miss my roses!!!


  1. Beautiful! I guess if you can only catch them at a quick run, they sure are worth looking at and enjoying.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I remember a time when I commuted to work when I didn't see my house in daylight for months at a time. Short winter days are depressing and we gardeners have to do what is necessary to get through it. Flashlight walks sound like a pretty decent short-term solution.

  3. The days will start growing longer shortly, so hang in there.

    You sure have some lovely roses.


  4. Hang in there Sherry, this to shall pass! And I agree with Flowerlady, "You sure have some lovely roses".

  5. Same problem here, Shelly. The day has only 24 hours ... but the roses are there, waiting for us.
    Lovely pinks ! Have a nice weekend !