Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gone to a good home

Today was the day that six roses left their old home in my garden and went to a new home at Rose Petals Nursery. Cydney Wade, owner of RPN and sweet friend, graciously did the digging but may not be doing much more digging since that shovel was still there in the dirt after she left. Cyd is holding ‘Le Vesuve’. No, not the big one in the front garden. This one was in the back garden where it was getting so little sun that its blooms were almost white and even some of its buds which are normally red were white. That made the decision easier. A rose is entitled to live in conditions where it can be true to itself.


You can’t see into the trailer, but it’s full, and the roses are all lined up to get on board. Cyd took all of my ‘Giant Apostle’s Irises’, one of the ‘Red Cascade’ climbers that lived on the white picket fence next to ‘Bermuda’s Anna Olivier’ in the front garden, ‘Pink Perpetue’, a climber that was living a lie as a bush in my front garden, ‘Parade’, another climber that would be so happy lolling on a fence with blooms all along her canes but never had such a position here, and  ‘La Sylphide’, a smallish Tea rose that I wasn’t real keen on parting with, but some things are just for the best. Smallish Tea roses are hard to come by.


The last one in the trailer was ‘Polonaise’. I still have one here recently moved from the big patio pot to the ground in the back garden. A small garden does not have the luxury of keeping duplicates – at least not many of them.


Don’t you love Cyd’s signage on her trailer and SUV. If you see her on I-75, wave to her. She may be carrying precious rose cargo.


How appropriate that my ‘Polonaise’ was blooming today. It never missed a beat after coming out of the pot. So all’s well that ends well, and now I can get to the work of moving old roses and planting new ones.

Cyd emailed that she and the plants arrived home safely but after dark, so tonight the roses are resting overnight in water in a horse water trough, a wheel barrow and a galvanized tub. Tomorrow she'll tuck their toesies into good Florida soil.



  1. Your shovel pruned roses went to a great home. I visited Rose Petals Nursery and if I had the $ to spend on roses, I found several I would love to have. The photos inspired me to go out and take cuttings of my favorites in my gardens, to pot up and I hope some will root for me.

    Enjoy your wonderful gardens, you're doing a fantastic job with them.


  2. Hope you're allowed visitation rights to those children Sherry. Polonaise is one of those underutilized roses that everyone should have.

  3. So nice that your roses will live on and possibly multiply. I'm certain she appreciated the gift. It must have been hard to part with so many, though.

  4. It's great your roses went to good homes. I hadn't heard of this nursery before but I'm glad to with so many closing their doors this last few years.

  5. I love the subtle color of the red rose. We often cut our roses way back when moving them. I guess that is unnecessary.

  6. You are a wise gardener, Sherry. In thise case, less is more.

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  8. New homes for those roses and now space for new roses in your garden. A win win for everyone!

  9. It's hard to see all those beautiful roses laying out in the road, but I know they are tough and move well...God knows I've moved mine from home to home over the years.

    Your rose blooms are gorgeous! Have a very Merry Christmas.