Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A volunteer and more

The violas that I grew from seed last winter did not impress me much due to their petite size. (Oh, I know I sound like Goldilocks. The companion plants are either too big or too small…never just right.) Well, the dear things have reseeded, so now I’m impressed.


Did I show you my baby ‘Mary Rose’? She is one of the four David Austin roses I ordered in July from Heirloom Roses in Oregon. She is greener than when she was in the pot a week and a half ago, but she’s not much bigger.


Here’s a closer look at ‘Mary Rose’. Not even a foot tall now, I expect her to be good sized by this time next year. I would think four times bigger for sure.


Azalea ‘Duc de Rohan’ is blooming and will continue until next March. It’s still a small plant, too – less than 2x2, but I only got him last February.


The most cheerful plant in my garden is Dianthus chinensis. It blooms all year in pinks and reds and magentas. On top of that it stays green all winter. Freezes don’t effect it at all.


Here’s the view from under ‘Maman Cochet, Climbing’. Careful now. You could get snagged!


Impatiens looking rather serene and being a fine example for the rest of us.



  1. Those are some beautiful flowers for December!
    I like volunteers. I count on them, but I've not ever had violas volunteer. That's a keeper.
    David/ :-)

  2. What sweet blooms for December.


  3. Wow !!! Sunny pictures, fascinating flowers for this month !!!
    Violas ... mmmm, must plant some in my garden ...

  4. I didn't realize violas would reseed! If they did for me, I would plant them everywhere - they are such cute little things. Your azalea is beautiful. I'm jealous - for some reason, azaleas will not live for me! Love dianthus - one great little plant.

  5. I'm catching up on blog reading and am I ever glad I came here! I have enjoyed seeing how your beautiful garden got its start and the continuing renovations around back. You sure have a lot of blooms here in late December that are good companions for your roses whatever their size. Love the volunteer viola. Merry Christmas!