Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The amazing 'Maman Cochet, Climbing'

It's impossible for me to convey to you in a photo the size of this rose bush. I can't stand far enough back from it to get a head-on view. It is at least 25 feet long, ten or twelve feet across and twelve-plus feet high. But that isn't the only reason I think she's amazing. I have never seen so many blooms on her as in this flush. Our recent rain and a big dose of alfalfa have really rejuvenated her and caused many new cane breaks. More good news is that I was able to keep the squirrels away from most of them with cayenne pepper and an egg and water mixture. This rose was planted in February, 2008 and took off like a shot.

Because of the wide-angle lens, this photo is deceiving. The tips of those farthest canes over the arbor are 25' away, and there's lots of rose bush in between that doesn't come into view..

Lots of frilly muddled flowers with a center knot.

I try to keep her trimmed high on my neighbor's side, but she has a tendency to extend herself quickly..

She has so many perfectly scrolled flowers. I'm glad I ran out to take these photos.
The trellis is 12' wide and 8' tall. See the bloom on a foot-long lateral? She added 8 or 10 new canes in this growth spurt.

It was so wonderful to stand under her this evening. She is the bright spot in my garden while much of it is in an in-between stage and some of it looks downright bad. 

My favorite nursery took cuttings from this rose last year. Here's the story on that. I just looked, and there's one in stock.

Here's a poor view out my kitchen window through the screen.

This is a great lesson for me. I have often said I could never be without this rose, but lately (before this flush) her foliage was looking very skimpy and barely there. I was wondering what was wrong. Then all of a sudden she leafed out and day by day is adding more and more flowers. I have a feeling that she is coming into her own at 3+ years old and will be putting on great shows from now on.


  1. She is beautiful! Hard to imagine 25' of rose! You did a great job of putting her in the landscape beautifully. Love those pink blooms!

  2. Wow, this is truly amazing!!! With a small garden I have, I won't be able to plant a rose like this, but I am glad that I can enjoy yours through the screen. Wish I also can smell them too!

  3. It is your photos and descriptions of YOUR rose that has encouraged me to keep MY Cl. Maman Cochet for as long as I have. This time, even with your glowing praise, mine will meet the shovel this fall. As wonderful as this rose is in your yard in Florida is as awful as it is in my Virginia garden. In the five years that it has been here, I doubt I have EVER seen a decent flower and the scrawny canes are taking over. I am an incredibly tolerant rose gardener, forgiving most faults if there are benefits to be had, but Cl. MC has got to go.

    Remember, I am someone who has designed her whole garden to take advantage of climbers and ramblers. 25' of rose is something to be celebrated (my Leontine Gervais is 40' tip to tip). I wish my Cl. MC would have been better. I plan to try E. Veyrat Hermanos in this spot.

  4. Thank you very much Sherry! We feel very honored. More cuttings are in the mist houses! The pics of your roses have been stunning in recent posts, please keep them coming. You are a special and talented gal :)

  5. Beautiful!

  6. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of this rose, Sherry. Had I known sooner, I would have chosen Maman Cochet rather than Reve d'Or, although in view of its size perhaps I did the right thing. But the flowers are just so beautiful and it's so graceful that it would be an ornament to any garden that can accommodate its size.

  7. SO, I ordered Maman Cochet, now they have none left:)
    Really tho, I am a beginner rose person. Ihave 3 other roses I ordered from Rose Petals: The Fairy,
    Bermuda Kathleen and Pink Chiffon. All 3 are in containers with 'special' soil. I feel a new mother! I look at them all at least twice a day.
    I hope Maman Cochet, will at least allow me to get her started in a pot?