Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby roses got here today

Heirloom's packing was impressive and ingenious. IMHO the roses were perfectly packed and wonderfully undamaged.
These baby plants are greener and healthier than any I've ever ordered online with no flower buds but maybe that's a good thing. Tomorrow I'll pot them on to 1-gallons. I want to let them catch their breath and get acclimated to Florida's heat in a nice shady spot.
From left to right: 'Hyde Hall', 'St. Swithun', 'Mary Rose' and 'Graham Thomas'
So far so good. I was very pleased they didn't have to sit in the post office over the weekend. Don't know what their future holds, but I'm happy today. It's been a while since I've had such tiny babies in the garden. Doesn't exactly mean baby bottles and diapers, but getting them out of infancy to  toddlerhood and adolescence can be tricky, but surely I'll be less neurotic and more patient about rose motherhood this time around.


  1. Mine came as well; my take on it:

  2. They look really healthy and better than I expected. I haven't got mine yet, but it should be soon.

  3. Mine arrived, too ... but I got 4x the number you did. Some Austins, and miniatures mostly. I will have to wait till tomorrow morning to up-pot them, because it's way, WAY too hot to even open the door today.

  4. Sherry, your bands from Heirloom Roses look great! I have ordered many times from this company and always received good quality bands and that grew well into beautiful roses. Hope the Austins like your Florida climate!

  5. Very nice!
    I love getting roses in the mail. What fun! It will be lovely to see them blooming. My Heirloom roses (minifloras) from spring are doing great.