Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coneflowers, etc.

Faded glory. I deadheaded it today.
I love echinacea!!!
'Pink Parasol' - This is a single plant grown from seed.
More daylilies are coming! Love those rebloomers!

Another foxglove blooming. Hurray!
My neighbor loves my 'Red Cascade' pouring over the fence.

My new rain gauge has 1.65 inches of rain in it since Thursday evening. Double hurray!!


  1. Sherry, your coneflowers are looking great! I am very impressed that you grew 'Pink Parasol' from seeds! You are causing me daylillie and rain envy, again! Really you are so lucky that it rains where you are living. I have to water an hour a day right now by hand :-(.

  2. Sherry ~ I wish I could grow echinacea but they don't like it this far south. Your colors are gorgeous. The red cascade rose looks pretty.

    Happy Summer Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Christina, I have about 6 coneflower plants that started from seeds. I didn’t do very many because I had ordered a flat of seedlings from a seed company and thought I wouldn’t need more, but they kept delaying shipment until it was too late for me to plant so I cancelled the order. The seeds were quite easy with most if not all germinating, so give them a try. I’m going to do more this year. Rain in Florida is a beautiful thing – and makes watering less frequent.

    FlowerLady, I’m surprised that you can’t grow echinacea since there’s really not much difference in our climates. Even though they’re said to be drought tolerant, they do well in my watered rose beds. I wonder if they prefer a very amended soil to lightly amended or unamended sand. This is the third season for the plant in the first two photos, and they reseed nicely – spreading their beauty farther every year. Maybe you could try them again with lots of manure in their spot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. BTW, the first two photos are Echinacea purpurea – not one of the newer hybrids.
    Oh, I have to adjust my rain total. I looked this morning, and it was only 1.15 inches. Faulty memory!

  4. Coneflower from seeds ? I must remember this. Beautiful !

  5. Wish I could grow foxglove! Such a pretty plant.

  6. Your red cascade on that white fence is beautiful. Mine is all stems this year not many blooms. I think it is going to get whacked way back this Feb.