Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recent events

Clematis 'Violacea Venosa' is blooming again (yay!) and has grown all the way up to the top of the arbor, blooming at the top and covering the side of the arbor with its pretty leaves.

This is not a good photo, but it shows (barely) the start of the second round of 'Violacea Venosa' flowers at the top and lower right and all the leaves up the side.  However, 'Duchesse d'Auerstadt', the Tea rose from 1888 climbing on the left side and across the top, is highly offended that I would publicize such an unflattering photo of her.
Last evening I finally potted on the Austin babies to 1-gallon pots. In these pots they don't look tiny at all. They really are nice plants with lots of healthy leaves. Neither photo is any good (makes me think of 'Where's Waldo?'), but hopefully, they're good enough to show you size and health. I put them in this fairly shady spot temporarily until I'm sure they've adjusted to our heat. Also I'm hoping the squirrels won't notice them there.

Lately, flowers are an event in my garden. LOL So here are some other events in the back garden.
Echinacea happily blooms in all parts of the garden and next year will be absolutely everywhere. I guarantee it!
'Duchesse de Brabant' - a Tea rose from 1857 looking a little different

'Blush Noisette' from 1814 - one cluster

'Souv de la Malmaison'
Oh, we've had some rain three out of the last four days plus a lot of cloudiness, keeping temps down in the 80's for a refreshing change. There's been so much dampness that the roses smell of mildew – the musty kind of mildew not the powdery kind. I was in the middle of a climber last evening, tying it up, and got some good whiffs. Amazing how the roses that like it here don’t mind all this heat and humidity and fungus that we live with outside. In fact, there isn't anything in my garden that's suffering from the wet. Weaklings beware! It's jungle season!!


  1. Lovely clematis, Sherry! Sooner or later I have to plant one of these beauties in my own garden, too. Your David Austin rose babies are looking really good. Wishing you luck with them so that they grow nice and strong quickly. I so admire your Souvenir de la Malmaison, every time you post a picture of it!

  2. Your arbor w/ the clematis is very pretty. I like the shape of it. Isn't it nice when those arbors fill in with vines and no longer look bare? Your new baby roses do look healthy. Sure hope those pesky squirrels leave them alone!

  3. Your clematis, especially on the arbor as you have it, is just fabulous! But I can't get over Blush Noisette! What a beautiful rose!