Monday, August 29, 2011

I can cook...sometimes

Monday is my early day at work, so I had immense plans for baking a cake that would (fingers crossed) replicate a local bakery’s killer cake known as ‘Betty Cake’. I have no clue how Betty gets her white cake so creamy and moist that it can be mistaken for pudding. Dear Girlfriend says you get that texture from beating it and beating it and beating it some more. And by using cake flower. So armed with that much knowledge and the tube pan and cookbook that Sister Sallie sweetly gave me, I went to the grocery store for necessary ingredients not in my pantry.


Apparently, my dream cake is an old, tried and true recipe called ‘Whipped Cream Cake’. Now doesn’t that sound to die for? Even if it doesn’t turn out to be ‘Betty Cake’, it must be mouth-wateringly delicious.


Just one problem. Grocery stores and the subsequent unloading and putting away of groceries really pull the plug on my energy. Somehow I must have thought I was stronger today when I left work than I actually was. Throw in a long phone call to Sister Sallie, and I was barely functional when I picked up the cookbook and feasted my eyes on this beauty. Too bad that was all of the feasting I did this evening. Perhaps tomorrow night. Don’t laugh. It’s possible. I’ll need a good night’s sleep though.


P.S. Since cakes and roses are tops on my list and yours, too, I must remind everyone that the September Open Sale at Rose Petals Nursery is this coming Saturday, the 3rd. Start your long holiday weekend with some roses! The link will give you the directions. I would definitely go except that DH might finally kill me. Funny thing, my refrigerated medication arrived Friday, and DH greeted me with “Your roses came.” I snapped back, “What roses? I didn’t buy any roses.”, hoping with all my heart that I was telling the truth. When he pointed to the box in the hall, I said, “That’s my medicine!”, hoping with all my heart that he felt really ashamed.

P.P.S. Special thanks and credit go to Melissa Gray, author of  'All Cakes Considered', published by Chronicle Books, for her luscious recipes and photographs that I re-photographed. I hope everyone buys her book.


  1. Hope you feel like making the cake tonight. Your post made me laugh though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

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  3. Now I have to google "Whipped Cream Cake." Too funny about your medicine delivery. Maybe your next rose package can come in a medicine wrapper:)

  4. That cake look scrumptious! I rarely cook cakes - I just buy them at bake sales. But, you've obviously found all the secrets. Can't wait to hear how your cake turns out.

  5. That cakes looks absolutely delicious!