Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My new driveway bed, the unveiling

Perhaps some of you remember my early-spring moaning while digging the new bed next to the driveway.  Well, it hasn't looked like much until lately even with 'White Maman Cochet' and 'Souv de St Anne's' blooming. Naturally, just when those two roses are in between flushes, the bed finally has a full look, but here goes.
I added caladium bulbs that I had dug up next to the garage (to make room for the snapdragons) at the back and at the curb, thinking they'd be good filler.  As usual, they do their job and then some.  This is where I put all the seedlings that I had left. My placement wasn't very good, and I've already had to move a few things. Oh, well.
In the back half there's Mealy Cup Sage, gaura, hollyhocks, a snapdragon and a coreopsis (both not visible) and Echinacea 'Pink Parasol', all seedlings.  Plus liriope, Giant Apostle's Iris and at bottom right the Bourbon rose, 'Souv de St Anne's' from about 1916, a sport of 'Souv de la Malmaison' .
The gaura is in the middle. It didn't stand up much and basically was a flopper, but at least it bloomed a little. The iris is much bigger than it looks.
The hollyhocks has flower buds on it, and something has been munching on it. I'm very surprised to see the buds. Can't wait to see what color it is. Keeping my fingers crossed for baby pink.
This iris is growing just as well as the others. This is the one that bloomed this year.
In the foreground is 'Souvenir de St Anne's', I'm pleased with its growth so far which seems to be faster and less awkward that 'SdlM'. As soon as she's in bloom again, you'll be the next to know.
Here's 'White Maman Cochet'.  I know you're saying "Where?"  She's been quite a steady producer of flowers and is not as gangly as the pink 'Maman Cochet'.  You can see her better in the next photo.

In this photo from June 28th you can better see the structure of this young Tea rose.  I'm pleasantly surprised by all the canes WMC has thrown.  It seems as though all Tea roses grow differently.
Here's a new cane with its candelabra of flower buds getting ready for a show.  There are a lot of right angles on this rose.

'Pear Harbor' is still blooming which is amazing since I moved it out from under 'Le Vesuve' in March. I didn't know how it would respond to such treatment, but it didn't even blink.

The 'Pink Parasol' echinacea is fading nicely to white which I prefer to brown any day.

This salvia has gotten huge. I've cut off several stems to give the WMC some room.
'White Maman Cochet' is nearest to the street, and it won't be long until she is as wide as this 8-ft wide bed. I'm looking forward to her hugeness.


  1. I love the lush full look of your driveway bed! It will be really full when that White MC grows up :). I tend to plant tightly too, so I really really love your design, the mix of shapes and textures is fascinating.

  2. Sherry, I can't believe that this is a "new bed". It looks so incredible lush and full. I guess all the amending of the soil has paid off! Also in your climate everything grows so quickly. I love the green and white caladiums. I guess here there is simply too little humidity for them to thrive. Very nice plant combination in this bed! Just love it! You must be very satisfied with what you have created.

  3. Your 'new' bed is looking very established and wonderful. You've done a great job and it will grow even more lovelier with time. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Sherry, dear, you have the touch! Your new bed is beautiful.

  5. Sherry,
    What a nice addition to the garden. The flower combinations look like they are happy in their home. Isn't it nice to drive up and see beauty on your entrance to your house! I wish I had a place where coneflowers thrived... they are just one of my favorites!

  6. This flower bed looks well established to me. The more you prune that Salvia the more it grows.. :)

  7. Sherry,
    I didn't know there was a wmc..another beauty...mmmm!
    Love your flower bed, so nice and full just the way I like them. Especially the cone flowers and the caladiums.
    Thank you for all the helpful information about my blog.

  8. Your new driveway bed is beautiful! I love all the flowers you put in it. My gaura flops, too. Pretty echinacea. And I love your caladiums!

  9. You made a beautiful corner in your garden, Sherry. I love the salvia and the cone flowers ... You are helping me a lot - I am trying to change the aspect of my beds .

  10. The new bed looks wonderful.I really like those coneflowers.I,too,prefer the fading to white rather than the brown.I have floppy gaura too.

  11. Your drive-way bed has really come a long way. I guess it was worth all that work to dig it out and amend the soil. Everything seems very happy there. It must be nice to drive into your home and see the fruit of your hard work.

  12. Your coneflowers are GREAT! And, your mealycup sage is so BIG. Mine never get that big without being spindly. Your new bed is filling in nicely. It sure doesn't take long in Florida...does it?

  13. We really needed a new driveway. When we purchased the home, the driveway was soooooo muddy! We are super clean people so we needed to have a solution aluminum gates