Monday, August 15, 2011

Spreading the wealth

I love echinacea otherwise known as Purple Coneflowers. They make my heart sing and the scorching summer heat bearable.
IMG_2136 (Custom)
 I add more to the garden as much as I can. Last fall I bought some rather bedraggled plants off the clearance rack for half price, and they survived to bloom this summer.
IMG_8695 (640x522)
 Over the winter I started some seeds, but not very many because I was expecting a flat of 40 seedlings from an online seed catalog. Sadly, by May the seedlings had not shipped so I cancelled them, fearing they’d fry in the heat. But maybe they wouldn’t have. 
IMG_8877 (640x474)
The seeds I started all sprouted and I planted them and they’re blooming. Yay!! But I want more! I’ve been surfing for seeds online. However, the thought of doing seeds again isn’t real thrilling, but these did have an excellent success rate.

Then on Sunday as I was deadheading I spotted them. With petals long gone a few of the coneflower seedheads were black. Yippee!
IMG_9514 (Custom)
I managed to find seven of them and then set about dropping them in places where I want to see those bright flowers next year which, of course, is everywhere so there were more empty spots. Then I remembered the deadheads that I had put on my potting bench, waiting for them to turn black. I sped to the back porch and retrieved the precious potential beauties, six or seven more, and dropped them in the vacant places. I did this last year and several sprouted in the spring. Oh, goodie, I can’t wait!

And I've got lots more blooms that will eventually turn to black seeds --- but not too soon, mind you.


  1. I love cone flowers too. I never tire of photographing them either. I bulled up our stock from seed and they flowered the first year. Lovely post

  2. Glad you found some seedheads for those coneflowers.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. I let all my coneflowers go to seed. Whatever the finches don't eat, I let self-seed. I let all my orange milkweed self-seed, too, and this year I have a big patch. Hooray!!

  4. Sherry, I love cone flowers too. I planted a white variety called Swan - something - I can't quite remember. They are supposed to be fragrant, but they are blooming in an awkward spot so I haven't sniffed. But they sure are pretty! I'll know to watch for seeds now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cone flowers always remind me of ladies' skirts hanging down from the center of the bloom. I've never had luck with them lasting any time at all here. Maybe it's me, or maybe it's just too hot on the central gulf coast. I enjoyed viewing your successful blooms.

  6. These coneflowers are beautiful. Good luck with starting more, I hope they all bloom for you!

  7. I tend to leave my coneflowers for the birds. then I deadhead and hope a few seeds are left to scatter...lovely coneflowers...

  8. Hey Sherry...I can see why you love coneflowers so much. I planted them for the first time last year and they returned and bloomed this year, too. They are very cheerful and colorful flowers in the garden. I'm going to try growing some from seeds.

  9. Lovely coneflowers! One of my favs for sure!