Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloves! And other garden surprises

Facing up to competing priorities is difficult, but I did it today and was happy with my decision. I attended the January meeting of the Marion County Rose Society (my poor track record has been one meeting per year) which meant no work in the garden today. We were treated to an excellent speaker and Power Point presentation on fertilizer with bonuses of delicious food, raffle prizes and, of course, good company. Many new members made for an almost full house. If you're within a county or two of Ocala, you ought to check out the link in the sidebar for upcoming events and meeting places. Next month's meeting is the pruning demonstration. Rose people are truly the nicest you'll ever meet.

I did manage to throw on DH's jacket over my pajamas (nobody else does that, right?) and get out to take some photos on this chilly day. It all started with the Stock beside the sidewalk. It appeared to have a fresh flower on it. Hmm, I thought, they're supposed to be fragrant. Let me check this out. Now this plant is only 8" tall, so getting down on both knees on the sidewalk was a risky maneuver, but it worked out OK - and was definitely worth the effort. Wow! That flower was like sticking my nose in a can of ground cloves! Wonderful! These plants were from Lowe's, but I have planted several seedlings of Double White Stock (Matthiola) that I bought online from Monticello, Jefferson's home. They're supposed to be 36" tall so they'll be easier on the knees.
Another surprise was this cute Lupin 'Tutti Frutti' seedling. I have no idea what shape it will grow into but these little leaves are darling.
'Maman Cochet' gave me a shocker with a basal break 3" above the mulch. Lots of other new growth popping, too (and on other roses). Poor things have no clue that we still have to get through February.
But the pièce de résistance was 'Rose de Rescht'. This little guy went into a big purple pot in November.
And look at him today, boasting three new canes from the soil and a basal break.
I guess the garden appreciated the three inches of rain on Thursday night. Me, too.


  1. Oh wow, that is spectacular of the Rose de Rescht. Hope that happens up here soon! It was wonderful to meet you. I had a special something for you in the car. Walked away and completely forgot. Please remind me when you are here to pick up your roses, that you have a special gift here. See you on Feb 5th at the nursery! Cydney

  2. Hi, Cydney, I was quite impressed, too, with RdR. I’ve never had a rose do this before – and so young. I’m used to teas and chinas that build structure from the canes. I guess HPs are different. Very interesting.

  3. Have you ever had the Lupine to bloom in your garden?

  4. No, Darla, this is a test. LOL The photos in the catalogs are beautiful. We'll see how it does.

  5. Isn't it exciting to see signs of spring?! The new growth on roses and flowers popping up through the soil. I didn't think you could Lupines past zone7? Will be ineresting to see how yours do.

  6. So nice to see the signs of spring in your garden. I'm seeing a few in mine as well. Just a few more weeks - I think!