Sunday, January 2, 2011

Someone tell me this happens to you, too.

Sometimes I feel like when things are going well, that's when they're about to turn to poop. It was 75 degrees and lovely this afternoon, and I was preparing to set out some seedlings in the back garden. I picked up a flat of Viola seedlings from a shelf inside the greenhouse.
  I turned toward the door, took a step, heard a crack and flip! Everything in the flat, all those sweet little baby plants, were upside down on the gravel. All I could see was potting soil while some sort of blood-curdling scream was filling the air.
 The odd part was that even as I was heartbroken and delicately rescuing the cubes of soil to a rightsideup position, the thought came to my mind, "Get the camera! This will make a great blog." 
Kind of like Reality TV. My life is blog material.
The good news is that everything in the flat was saved.

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  1. What a fun post. It is nice to laugh at yourself sometime:-).