Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fearless Pruner

I can be a little cocky now. My armor arrived today. Man, are they sweet! I think I'll move the silver and store these gauntlets in the lined case that the spoons and forks have been lounging in. Never having owned a pair of rose gauntlets, I have been skittish about choosing a pair, evidenced by the fact that I've been going toe to toe with Climbing Maman Cochet for three years without armor. I hate buying the wrong thing. I hate spending a lot of money, but I hate second rate even more. Well, I spent the money, but it looks like I got first rate, top of the line. These gloves are gorgeous and as close to being iron as leather can be, I think, soft and supple iron. The glove is goatskin, and the cuff is cowhide. Did I mention that they're beautiful?

Ok, I'll stop being coy. I got The Protector from Using their measuring directions and fitting advise, my gauntlets fit perfectly. The cuffs extend above my elbow. They're made in the USA. They are exactly as described, but they didn't say how beautiful they are. I probably should have bought their Leather Wash and Restorer. I don't intend to get them dirty or wet, but I don't know how wet the cowhide cuffs will get from normal sweat. I want to keep them nice, so I'll probably get it. A very nice touch was the handwritten Thank You card. I should say, "Thank you, Wes and Cher!"


  1. Wow, Sherry, they look impressive. I hope your rose pruning goes smoothly and painlessly this year.

  2. Thanks, the painless part, especially!

  3. I have a pair of gauntlet gloves, but the regular garden gloves on that site look interesting.