Tuesday, January 18, 2011

'Super Blue' Liriope and other purchases

It has been ages/weeks since I've been to Lowe's so I got my fix after work. I bee-lined it for the clearance racks. Amazingly, they had tons of 4" pots of mounding dianthus (my favorite year-round blooming groundcover), normally 99 cents, for 25 cents each. Wowzers! I could only figure they had too many, because there was nothing wrong with them. I bought eleven, magenta and variegated pink. I would have liked some deep red ones, but they were regular price. No deal there. They also had some freeze-damaged Dahlberg Daisies for 50 cents. I got three but should have gotten more. I was only thinking of them for pots, but they'd be nice in the ground, too.

I've mentioned my dry, shady bed that would be perfect for azaleas except that they don't like my limestone ridden soil. I have hydrangeas and 'Mona Lavender' in there and three azaleas that are defying the odds, but it occurred to me I need something small and evergreen around the edges. The only problem is that evergreens seem to like acidity. As I was wandering amongst the plants, I spotted the liriope. I love liriope, especially 'Evergreen Giant'. Those big balls of waving green ribbons are such a delight. They would meet my needs perfectly and only $1.89 each. I ended up with five 'Super Blue', thinking of another and another spot to put one. I think I need more. I googled this 'Super Blue' variety, and it appears I made a good choice. Thank you, Lowe's. 'Variegata' is the one I really adore with its green and cream stripes, but with the hard freezes fresh in my memory, I steered away from them since they are more tender than the solid green ones (which, alas, freeze, too). But the variegated ones would really brighten my dead shade back there, and the tree canopy would probably protect them from all but the lowest temps, so I'll be going back for some of those, too. The ones in the front yard with no protection are a sad, sad lot now, but others under a tree are perfectly fine.

The hard work will come after the last freeze when I have to give those frozen buggers their haircuts. Hard on my hands and hard on my back. They do eventually look OK if you don't, but those brown leaves among the new growth made me crazy when I didn't cut them. Laughably, one year I tried removing the brown ribbons one at a time. Not one of my brighter moments.

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  1. These are not as exciting as purchasing roses or perennials but are just as important to the overall look of the garden. I am in the process myself of adding lots of border and backbone plants to My Garden Path as that has been a much neglected aspect here. I have to admit I love Lowe's clearance racks!