Friday, January 21, 2011

Planning the weekend and beyond

I've been taking my vitamins and gingko biloba again in an effort to get all cylinders firing. I feel like they haven't been for a while. Chilly weather doesn't help, and neither does staying up too late. So onward and upward. All of my projects for the rest of the winter and spring are in my head but all in a jumble, I think. I think making a list (anathema in my younger years when all data was stored in tact and recall was uncompromised) would be helpful for organizational purposes and possibly even more so for motivation. Last spring I made a list, and it worked out well, probably 95% of the list got accomplished, and it was a long one. So here goes...and the neat thing about making the list here is the ability to sort it so that time-sensitive items can be put at the top.
  • Finish planting winter seedlings, dianthus & patio pots
  • Pot Marchesa Bocella
  • Plant liriope in back bed (buy more liriope?)
  • Go to Rose Society meeting (Sunday)
  • Put out Epsom Salts on roses
  • Put out soil sulfur in back garden
  • Sow the warm weather seeds (probably a kitchen project that can be done in the evenings)
  • Finish digging out the new bed alongside the driveway, removing what's left of the top 10" of sand
  • Break up the next 10"-12" of sand
  • Request dear husband to go pick up a load of composted horse manure
  • Incorporate CHM and other amendments (this time including plain cat litter), preparing the bed for White Maman Cochet
  • Plant White Maman Cochet and other plants after deciding what others will fit in the sunny & shady portions of the bed
  • February 5th: go to Rose Petals Nursery & pick up new babies
  • Remove Parade, plant new Climbing Clotilde Soupert
  • Dig up Hermanos and plant next to CCS
  • Plant new Souv de St Anne's in Hermanos' old spot
  • Plant new Lilian Austin
  • Remove metal arbor in the front garden, dig new post holes
  • Complete (that is, get it out of my head and onto paper) the design of the arbor, calculate the lumber needed, buy the lumber & build the new arbor that will hold Sally Holmes, Pink Perpetue and Lamarque (if it ever decides to become a climber)
  • Complete (that is, get it out of my head and onto paper) the idea for the tunnel/bower for E. Veyrat Hermanos. Plan so far is for rebar construction.
  • Prune roses around 3rd week in February
  • Build EVH bower and tie him to it
  • Back patio renovation (remove river rock between the blocks, re-stain the blocks gray, buy crushed granite to replace old river rock, do necessary leveling)
  • Build two fence sections. One to extend the fence to property corner and the other to block view of pot storage area
  • Set up the metal arbor from the front garden in the back garden next to Francois Juranville
  • Tie up Reve d'Or & Climbing Pinkie
  • Buy alfalfa & milorganite
  • Feed the garden
  • Spread composted horse manure (probably 5 or 6 or 7 pick-up loads)
  • Get and lay weed cloth for new walkway near new bed 
  • Have delivered and spread mini pine bark mulch in all beds and walkways
  • Adjust & add to micro irrigation system
  • Find a use for river rock removed from patio
  • Look into possible water feature in backyard, possible fish
  • Build patio planter
I think that's everything. Now I'll print this and tape it to my forehead.


  1. Exactly what does the epsom salt do for the roses and how should it be applied. I have read about this before. I too take plenty of vitamins although there aren't enough to shake off this cold weather... 28 here this morning.

  2. Hey, Darla, epsom salts is magnesium sulfate. It is generally advised to apply a half cup per bush every other month. Magnesium promotes chlorophyll production which makes leaves green and healthy and promotes disease resistance. It also increases basal breaks (new canes from the base). You can also get it in SulPoMag. The sulfur lowers the pH. It comes in crystals that can be dissolved in water and poured on the soil or just sprinkle the crystals and water in. Apply it 30 days before pruning.
    Thankfully, it did not get that cold here last night. Tonight's supposed to be 29. I can handle that. It's the low 20's I don't like. But then everything that's going to die is already dead, I guess. Oh, except maybe the little seedlings I set out, but they seem pretty hardy so far. Have a great day!!

  3. Now THAT's a list, Sherry. I suffer from the same degradation of mental recall, but I've taken the opposite tack..that 5% of tasks that I don't get done won't bother me if there's not a written list around to remind me I didn't get around to them.

  4. Professor, call me a slacker if you will, but that 5% didn't bother me at all. I was proud and amazed that I got done as much as I did. It turns out I like lists for scheduling a lot of big jobs - less confusing for my brain which can no longer juggle several balls at one time. I really love crossing them off the list!!! Some of them on this list are pretty easy. Although I do have a lot of seedlings to plant, I think I'll get the first three done today.